Hey y’all! I’m Samantha {Sam}- a military wife who loves dog kisses, fall mornings, cooking, old book stores, baking, coffee {at all hours of the day}, EATING, lazy Sundays in bed, DIY crafts/projects, laughter, reading {at any hour}, and the thrill that the military life brings to our family. We are currently stationed in Virginia, where I live with my handsome husband-Jeffrey- and our two love children-Riggs & Roxie. It’s our first time on the East coast ya’ll, I’m just getting into this new gig and we are excited to continue our adventures, and share them with you!

If you love food, laughter, and all that this crazy-fun life brings you, this blog will feel like home! Mr&MrsWinter is about us, as a family. Our travels {near or far}, the recipes that work {and some that don’t}, the moments when we laugh and some when we cry, the projects we try together {and the ones we do separately}, and a slew of different discoveries and adventures we managed to hit along the way. The thing is- I love all of what we do as a family; I may not be the best baker on the street, or the perfect wife, or the most toned woman walking her dogs- I try, and that’s what this blog is all about.

Technically, my blog writing days started back in 2011 right after the military took us to sunny South Carolina {said in a southern drawl}. My attempts at witty and funny were a little stretched back then, and I was on and off the blog wagon a lot…then the year of 2013 hit and we were headed to Belgium {far far away from family and friends} and that’s when my writing took off. I wanted a place to share our adventures and so I picked up where we left off, so many years back.

I want to say that I’m a well-educated Elementary school teacher {Kindergarten, please}, but that’s in another life. My list of jobs is wide and varied… I worked in retail for many years {during high school and after}, I assisted special needs adults and children- which helped me to realize so many things about myself and this world we live in, I’ve watched babies grow before my eyes as a nanny, and cuddled with more animals than I can name in this blog as a pet sitter, there have been open-mouthed kisses with many puppies {puppies are my weakness, it’s my kryptonite, it makes me mushy and I talk in a weird high-pitched voice} and I cried with families as we said goodbye to their loving animals as a veterinary technician, I held hands with some amazing women as a Key Spouse, I encouraged military families to attend events and social outings in a foreign country as an event coordinator, there were countless hours spent scouring pinterest for the perfect ceremony decor and girl scout journey ideas as a girl scout leader, and now I am helping animals again as an animal hospital receptionist.

I’m still learning about this wonderful world of blogging,  and I’ll make mistakes and forget about punctuation or grammar, but I promise to continue to share what I discover along the way.

Here’s to the next adventure,


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