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SMASH BOOK- Introduction {For Newbies and Experienced smashers}

*Great start, and you can use whatever you want… get creative!
{Some examples: Journal, this ring journal is the one I used, or you could use something like this. Be sure you have additional paper if not bound…}
-Pencil w/ eraser
-Nice pen for writing notes for the day/event/etc.
-“Smash” stick (pen + glue)
*Pen is a very light color, but the glue is AWESOME
{You can find one example here}
-Glue stick
*Your discretion, it doesn’t hurt to have extra!
*Medium size works best
{You can find one example here or here}
*Whatever you can fit in your bag!
{Some examples of items I brought with: washi tape, chipboard, stickers, brads, misc items}
-Scrap paper: different sizes, textures, etc.
*I used this for all sorts of reasons
-Colored Pencils
-Markers or “Smash” Markers
{Great for travel, and are BOLD}
-Picture mounts + foam tape
{I love these for pictures and small embellishments and these for adding “texture” to pages}
-Carry case
{Here’s something similar to mine… it doubles as jewelry carrying case}



airport smash book
I may have gotten some “looks” {because it’s the airport and no one does anything unusual there while waiting for layovers}- but I was in my crafting mode!

* Every day {yes, literally every day}- after our adventures- and usually while we were “relaxing” in front of the TV, I spent some time journaling for the day. I kept EVERYTHING: including napkins, match books, stickers, etc. Keep it! Use it! It works perfectly for filling space and keeping it all in the moment. Now- I got a little behind on our last day, so I spent some time adding things while we had a layover in New York. I certainly wasn’t bored and had fun during the layover, made the 4 hours just “fly”. {haha, see what I did there?}

*Be creative, use what you have, just be free with what you want to do. There’s no “right or wrong” way to do a smashbook! I found that journaling during the trip kept everything fresh in my mind {where I usually struggle to remember what happened}.

*There loads of places to help with how to “smash-book”:
Realistic Mama knows best!
You Tube, of course!
-This lady is a PRO! I love her smashbook, seriously! Some awesome inspiration here!

What would I have done differently:
*Bring more scrap paper!
*Get a small ruler to take with, like this one. To tear paper, pictures, etc.
*Picture guide: just a piece of paper/card stock that’s the 4×6 in, 5x7in, 3x3in for photo placement.
*Hole puncher & stapler! To add items immediately! I love these little travel ones
*Better glue stick- the one I brought {NOT the Smash stick} was old and crumbly, yuck.

I have STUPID envy over this box– her journal- this ENTIRE setting.
Real life.
Just sayin’.


Happy crafting!


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