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Easy DIY recycled toilet paper phone holder!

I was doing my usual Pinterest binge for the day- and found this pin– and now I have my very own easy phone holder!!!
I was looking for something to take into work, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it. This was exactly what I needed!

Here’s how I made my “recycled-toilet-paper-phone-holder”, but please check out The Seaman Mom for her tutorial, which is much more detailed. Consider mine- a share and another option for colors.

Items you need:
-Exacto Knife
-Recycled toilet paper roll
-Pencil or Pen to mark area to cut
-4 regular style thumbtacks
-Enough washi tape to cover the recycled toilet paper roll {you can use multiple colors, or one color- whatever works for you!}

I started collection washi tape in Belgium they had 3 packs for nothing more than .99 euro cent so I just kept grabbing them every time I went. Most craft stores sell them pretty cheap as well.
The exacto knife was another Belgium craft store find. It only took me an hour and then a visit downstairs to my husband to figure out how it works… and I love it! I have nearly sliced my fingers off with this do-dad, so please be super careful!
You should be able to find thumbtacks at the dollar store or office supply store.



  1. Use the phone you want to use for the holder and trace around it on the paper roll. Give yourself a slight leeway in the tracing to make sure the phone fits well.
  2. Use your exacto knife to cut out the area you traced, again, be careful here, watch those fingers!

    I’m terrible about watching where my fingers are while using my knife, during this project- I was much more careful.
  3. I had to line up the washi tape I intended to use, to make sure I had enough and I could cover the paper roll. I’m very visual, I needed this step. I started the tape on the “bottom” portion of the roll, wrapped the washi tape around, and ended at the bottom so there weren’t lines showing on the top of the project.

    The two larger rolls of washi tape were just to hold the small ones in place. I didn’t use those colors in this project. 
  4. Once all the washi tape is on, make sure you have a slight overlap at the end and press the overlap into the sides of the paper roll.

    This overlap was not the same on either side- oh well- still worked for what I needed it to do.
  5. Use your exacto knife to cut a line in the washi tape where you cut the opening for your phone. Leave room on either side- about a 1/4 inch. You’ll want to cut the as a v-shape. See below.

    My “v’s” aren’t exactly even- but the washi tape looks much better with this shape- it’s clean when pressed in the corners.
  6. Press the washi tape to the inside of the roll- so you have a “smooth” look.
  7. To use technical terms- about 4 fingers length down from the opening you cut, place a thumb tack on either side of the paper roll. Then, from the first thumbtack, about 2 fingers length place another thumbtack.
    {I originally put the thumbtacks too close together- which resulted in my phone falling over. OOPS! It didn’t break, Jeff, love you!}

    Pretty easy! Now it’s ready to use!


What would I change?
-I might use some super glue for the thumb tacks, they look like they are already seeing signs of “weight”, just to ensure the tacks don’t go anywhere.
-It does take some slight finagling when you put your phone in the holder- just adjust a little towards the front or back to keep the weight distributed appropriately. Mines still falls if I put it in incorrectly.

How did yours turn out?! Leave a comment or send me a photo!
Happy crafting ya’ll!


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