January 2017: Recap

2017 has got to be our best year yet- we’re determined to make it that way!
Here’s to starting off right- a few of our January adventures.

Stephen Lynch

For those of you who don’t know who Stephen Lynch is- well, Jeff introduced me to him when we first started dating and while his songs can be a “little much” for me- I still laugh. Not just chuckle- but laugh that belly gut laugh, things are shaking laugh.


He came to the Alexandria area- a venue called the “Birchmere”- a small concert venue with picnic tables and a low-key vibe. It was a fun evening- new songs- and lots of laughter! We went with friends of ours- which made the evening even better. I certainly say- go visit the good ol’  “YOU TUBE” and get a little taste of what Stephen Lynch can offer- my favorites: “Love Song”, “Classic Rock Song”, and “Tennesee”.

footballCowboys -vs- Packers

There was an evening… spent with friends AND visiting family- where a BIG game was had. We spent the evening at a bar called “Brooklyn Pint”- and while the drinks were flowing and the food was coming (it was good food) the atmosphere was lacking. The games were showing- but the sound was off. WHAT? This bar must not be for real. After multiple requests, complaints, threats to leave- there was sound. The sound of some calls that I didn’t particularly care for, and some serious football happenings! It was a good game- that’s the truth. Unfortunately, I was the sole ranger for the Cowboys and they lost- but it was a good fight.


Inauguration Ball

Here’s a small blip regarding the ball:  “America’s greatness is personified by those selfless citizens who take up causes greater than themselves and dedicate their lives to pursuing such righteous endeavors. America is rife with these amazing patriots, and we are inspired by each of their stories.

The All American Inaugural Ball is a tribute to the myriad of American heroes who sacrifice on behalf of others every day. At the Ball, we will recognize and honor several especially deserving citizens for their outstanding and tireless work in their respective fields of civic service. These Honored Guests – “All American Heroes” – represent the very best of America. They are the heart, soul, and backbone of the sublime American spirit!”

unnamedTo say that being there was an honor would be a vast understatement. Yes, President Trump was there, and we saw him for approximately 5 seconds as we were walking out of the doors on our VERY TIRED and ACHING feet to catch the metro before they closed for the evening.
Truth- riding the metro in our “get-ups” was such a new thing for us- we’ve spent the past three years trying to be as “incognito” as possible when it came to the Air Force/Military- and then we got on a train in a formal dress and Jeff in his dress blues it felt- unusual.
The entire evening we were surrounded by such amazingness- met some phenomenal people who have persevered through so much in their lives- and it was a very memorable evening.  A small military world though- Jeff actually saw two of his friends who graduated from the Academy with him!


There’s January in a nutshell.

Here’s to continued adventures,




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