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Valentine Heart-Mesh Wreath

This is my first crafting post folks!
I had this hankering to make a “mesh wreath”- I keep seeing them on doors around the neighborhood, at craft stores, on Pinterest… so I wanted to make it happen. I needed a “trial run”- to see about materials and the cost of making something like this.

Here’s to crafting something beautiful!

Items You Need:

-Heart shaped iron wreath, the size of this wreath was smaller than I’ve seen at other craft stores, but I think the size worked perfectly for this project.
-Pipe Cleaners {~15, cut in half}
-Colored Decorative Mesh, the mesh I bought was 6 inches x 5 yards {Amount will vary depending on the size of your wreath and the length of the mesh}
-Ribbon, wire garland, or any other valentine decorations you want to add to the wreath

All of my items below, I purchased at the local Dollar Tree, in total I spent $7.50!

I actually bought 4 rolls of the red “Decorative Mesh”- I wasn’t sure how much I would need, and as it turns out it was just enough for the size wreath I bought.



  1. Cut the decorative mesh. You’ll want to cut all of the mesh about the same size, and all at the same time {it’s easier this way, trust me}. My table was FULL of mesh- be sure to have an area with plenty of table space.

    I used my handy-dandy cutting mat so I could gauge each cut, which I kept around 20cm for each section.
  2. Roll 2 pieces of mesh, with the seam side up, and tie them together with one of the pipe cleaners. I did this with all of the mesh pieces- so they were all done and I could start putting them on the wreath.
    Just about 40 of these were made… my fingers were aching after twisting so many pipe cleaners.


  3. Add your mesh {2 pieces} to the wreath, by tying them with the rest of the pipe cleaner portion to the wreath itself. I used two to three pieces for each section on the wire wreath.

    For the smaller sections {like the portion at the bottom} I added 4 pieces. For the larger sections of the wreath- I used about 6 pieces. Gauge this though, change as you want to.
  4. Adjust the mesh once they are all added- they can easily be adjusted to cover any opening or to suit how you want the wreath to look.
  5. I ended up not using the valentine wire garland- after I finished adding the mesh the wreath had too much red, I wanted something that would make it “pop”. The small heart was a Target purchase many years ago on clearance- a few of the styrofoam balls were broken and I paid about $1.99 for it. I simply added it with another pipe cleaner.
  6. So I could hang the wreath- I added a “full-sized” pipe cleaner to the back in the shape of a loop, to hang it on a command hook.
    The finished product!

    Truth is, this came out pretty awesome for a dollar store craft! I won’t lie- it is time-consuming and your hands will hurt, but it’s certainly worth the effort.

    What would I change?
    I would have picked up some different colors of the mesh- the dollar store I went to didn’t have any others, but shop around. Pink and white would really look great.
    I would’ve also added some fun valentine’s day ribbon- maybe a thinner ribbon combined with a thick wire-rimmed ribbon… again, the dollar store I stopped at did not have either of these. I think I’ll be able to make changes as I need to- shouldn’t be hard to add to this wreath in the future.


Happy crafting ya’ll!






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