2017- The year to Slay

Truth is- we started off 2017 a hell of a lot better than 2016…let me take you back.

Jeffrey and I were released from two different hospitals at approximately the same time in the day, in different countries, after having separate surgeries {he had multiple, I had one}. That was just the beginning- we had 90 days that followed that would shape us in so many different ways than we could have EVER imagined.

Sam’s 2016 Resolutions:
1. Lose 20 pounds
{I only have 30 more to go in 2017}
2. Take more pictures
{I will have approximately 1,000 scrapbooks for when I’m senile}
3. Walk the dogs every day
{More like… once every week, it’s a work in progress}

We spent New Years Eve dining with great friends, toasting to happiness, and stuffing our mouths with delicious cheesecake and champagne. We attempted a family selfie- that turned at as one would expect, with two crazed dogs and laughter.
We have a surgery scheduled for Jeffrey soon, a trip to Bermuda in the works, and many fun adventures on the horizon as we take advantage of being state-side and to get our travel itch scratched.

Our 2017 Resolutions:
1. 52 New Recipes in one year {which will be documented, right here, on this blog!} Stay tuned for deliciousness!
2. Scrapbook! I’m years behind, and new ideas and projects pop up!
3. Walk the dogs more, can we just say that’s a GIVEN.
4. Travel more, we are in a great location to do just that!
5. Work on becoming a completely ‘cruelty-free’ homestead.
6. Explore restaurants in the area, we are big foodies and love to find new places!
7. Come out the other side of surgery, with positive thoughts and a healing body.
8. Find an awesome buffet table/TV Stand/Something for our record player.

What’s on your resolution list for 2017? Anything you accomplished in 2016 that you are proud of yourself for?

Here’s to a new year, hoping yours is full of love and laughter!



{Image by Yasemin K. via Unsplash}


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