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Of course I would do things a little backwards around here- I’m posting about my hair dye before I even start to explain how I found the dye and why I chose to use it. I’ll link the posts as soon as I’ve finished putting my thoughts together on them.

MY SCALP SUMMARY: My scalp hates normal hair dye, as in it rebels against me; full on itching, burning, fever, weeping… the full cycle of anger here ya’ll. It’s embarrassing and so ridiculously painful I swore off using normal hair dye because of it. BUT… I can’t NOT dye my hair because of the grays that are popping up all over- ALL OVER. I’m 30 ya’ll, lets get real.
And… here we are.

After many hours of research {google, pinterest, youtube, failing at finding anything at Sally Beauty Supply}, I found the website below- decided to wing it- and purchased two packets.  I waited with much anticipation and excitement for them to arrive. The grays were present and I was feeling down and tired because of it. I was also scared- because I have no friends who have tried this {so no one to bounce ideas off of}, and the only time I heard of someone talking about henna hair dye was at a wine festival- she was beautiful-and I was more than a few drinks in. Get my drift?

Henna Color Lab
All Natural Hair & Beard Dye
 “Always Cruelty-Free. Never Tested on Animals. NO added chemicals, preservatives or perfumes—just pure natural goodness!”

1 Packet includes:
Hair Dye
Detailed Instructions {thank goodness, for us newbies}
Plastic Cap
Plastic Gloves

Thoughts + End Result:

*I purchased the “Auburn Henna Hair Dye” packet- and it was true to color: dark + red hues. In the sunlight, definitely more red hues, but nothing that would deter me from using this color again and again.
*I highly suggest using latex gloves, as the ones that are in the package are flimsy at best and everything I read had me worried I would have dye all over my hands. After application and using latex gloves- I had no dye on my hands whatsoever, and I felt more comfortable they wouldn’t rip/etc.
{We had these at home; between my vet tech days and the dogs I am always prepared}
*I used the plastic cap that came in the packet- so I could feel alright about tossing it. Just being honest.
*Be sure to cover any area that might come into contact with the henna dye- that’s what the handy dandy plastic wrap is for. I covered the counter with it- and it was an easy clean up as well! Just ball up and toss.
{I just had the off brand of plastic wrap, nothing special here folks}
*I put a thin layer of coconut oil around my hairline, ears, and neck to prevent skin staining. This was hugely helpful- it just wiped away with ease.
{This was what I grabbed at the commissary- again, nothing special. Also, I use coconut oil for so many things ya’ll- just take a quick gander here– the possibilities will surprise you}
*Prior to the henna dye arriving- I went to Sallys’ to grab a dye brush and bowl. I didn’t end up using the bowl for this application, since I used the entire packet of dye- a larger glass bowl was the better option. The glass bowl was easy to clean as well after the dye job! The brush was hugely helpful in the application of the henna, the brush bristles are stiff and it worked perfectly with the henna. I highly encourage you to at least invest in a dye brush- and they were NOT expensive!
{Here is the dye brush I bought, and here is the bowl I purchased- I did use the bowl for a smaller application of henna, see more info below}
*The websites states that one packet will cover thick-hair that’s approximately to your shoulders. Mine was right around that length and is very thick- it was the perfect amount of dye.unnamed-1

*The dye will end up in places where you are dying that you won’t want it to- have an old towel/paper towel handy to clean up those messes quickly. I also used an old towel as protection for my PJs {I did this application after working the evening shift at work… heck, I’m always changing into PJs when I get home, no shame here} and my shoulders.
*The dye is not runny by any means- after mixing the dye it did become thick and upon sitting there {as I was doing the different sections} it almost becomes grainy and resembles cookie dough. I didn’t have many issues with dripping for the dye, but it was “crumbly” which left me with a bit of a mess to clean up.
*This is a big for me ya’ll- the smell is HORRENDOUS! Mind you, our guest bathroom is small and doesn’t have the greatest ventilation- but the smell was so intense, SO INTENSE! The best way to describe it- it smells like natural poop. I know- laugh at me if you will- but it does! I had a very difficult time not gagging and started to have a bit of a headache after a while… but I still trucked on.
{Truth: that was literally the hardest part of this entire process, just dealing with the smell. Still a winner on my scale- given my scalps past history}
*The smell will remain. Yep- you heard right. I smelled like natural poop for a few days, even after washing out the dye and using shampoo. That’s ok- still worth it!
*I experienced a mild to basically not there tingling about 30 minutes after application- but it went away quickly. My scalp didn’t even attempt to become infuriated with me after using the henna- that is not a lie. No weeping, no fever, no itching… nada! Glorious!
*Definitely allow yourself the time to let the henna sit- I was able to let it sit for about 1.5 hours- and had great results. Next time {full application style} I’ll let it sit for the 2 hours it suggests.
*After dying- plan to sleep with a towel on our pillow and don’t run around with wet hair. I say this- the dye continues to come off when hair is wet. When I’m laying or even when it drips after the shower. It does not stain- thank goodness- but I still have color that comes out when I shower and it shows on the towel/pillow case. Not a deal breaker- but just be prepared.
{As in, don’t lay on your mother-in-laws nice white quilt in her guest room after you shower, stand up to change, and realize you’ve just left a huge auburn henna hair dye spot on her WHITE quilt- YIKES, Sam!!}

Overall ya’ll, I’m so pleased with the henna dye. Sure- it’s been a continued learning process {see above reference: white quilt}, but my grays are hidden and my scalp is happy. I’ll continue to use Henna Color Lab products, I may even think of going a twinge darker with their mahogany color.

Second Application + Thoughts

You read correctly, right before J & I headed home for a wedding – I wanted to do a “touch-up” of my front hairline… simple.
I followed the directions in the packet for root touch up, easy.
Used a small amount of the second henna packet, super easy, resealed the dye in an airtight bag {how awesome that you don’t have to waste an entire bag, use what you need!}, and this application I used the dye bowl + dye brush. Easy clean up and easy use!
Again, no problems with the dye affecting my scalp or otherwise!

I’m so happy with the henna- and honestly, recommend that anyone who needs an alternative to chemical ladden dyes- give this a try! I want to hear how your experience was, let me know!


{Blog image by Cassidy Kelley via Unsplash}

{Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned.}



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