New Kid on the Block

I wish I could find the song to play for this particular post not because it has anything other than the group to do with this post, but mainly because it takes me back, way back- to when I was still trying to figure out if I wanted to play outside or play with Barbie inside. Yea, big decisions in those times folks.


A few weeks ago I started my new job, as an Animal Health Specialist at a local veterinary hospital. There’s something about wanting to make a change, helping to make a difference, and getting slobbery-wet-loving kisses everyday that lures me to this profession. This time around {my last vet experience was 3 years back at our base in South Carolina, where I was a vet technician} I’m working in the front reception area- a change of scenery, but it’s not less busy, trust me!
Even at a few weeks in,  I’m struggling a little with some shyness and awkwardness. This may sound strange for those who know me- but that’s because you know me in a different sense. I can be shy, but also very outgoing and loud {I’m almost compensating for my shyness in certain situations}. I can honestly say, part of my shyness has a lot to do with the fact that while I’m familiar with the veterinary practices I’m not used to this particular practice’s ways. I understand the programs they use, but I still need to learn the ins and outs of everything about the practice. While I’m a take-charge individual with intense self-motivated skills… I struggle a bit starting out not knowing everything there is to know. I know that may not make sense, but in my mind, I’m self-conscious because I have to constantly ask questions or sound silly because I’m not sure of all of the procedures yet {and some are re-learning, as this is not a military vet, but rather a civilian vet and there are vast differences}.

So, I did some searching and here are some tips I found that I plan to try to combat workplace shyness…

-Focus more on others needs, as opposed to your own. You start to care less about your insecurities and more about helping the other person. Get out of your own head, stop worrying how you might look/sound to others center that focus on the clients/associates.

-Avoid creating a label for yourself- “I’m shy”, it can enable you to continue in your shy ways instead of focusing on changing them.

-One bad moment/situation/client answer is not going to define you or your day- fix it and move on.

-Body language- stand tall, smile, look friendly- they can be signs and you don’t want to deter someone from approaching you because you seem upset/annoyed/etc.

-Find a time and place for some quiet and solitude. Time to reset and renew.

-Ease yourself into breaking shyness: pick a goal for each week/day and try to achieve it. ie: ask someone new for help, contribute advice in a team meeting, etc.

-Stop that negative self-talk. You are worthy, in every way, even if it’s unique.

-Make an effort to get to know your co-workers. They are there to support you.

Here’s where I found these tips.

    Here’s the scoop: these make sense ya’ll, enough for me to think: “why did I have to google this?!” I think sometimes we expect so much from ourselves, and that’s a set up for failure. We need TIME.  I feel like my “go-to” answer is: TIME, but it truly is a fit-all answer. Time to become familiar with certain aspects of the new job, time to acquaint yourself with your fellow employees, time to become used to the work schedule, time will tell us so many things- and it’s difficult to wait, especially when you feel like the “New Kid” who doesn’t quite fit in {we’ve all been there, in one way or another- I should write a military spouse post about this feeling at new bases}.
I encourage you to practice these different tips {check out the website, there’s more detail and much more information}– I’m giving myself time. Be patient with yourself and your fellow employees and know that eventually, you’ll be the “seasoned” worker and someone new will come in- you can sympathize with them and help them, just like others did before you.

Here’s to starting something new, and having faith in YOU!



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