2 weeks of Whole30 {Recap}

Image by Brooke Cagle via Unsplash

Over a month ago we visited family in Georgia, my sister-in-law had this book sitting on the counter “The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom” and I decided to take a gander (because we all know that I’m a lover of books, and I am not shy about nosing through friends/family/strangers book collections to see what they have and then decide if I should be reading it…). I was intrigued. I had a long conversation with Jeff about it too, something along the lines of lifetime goals and realistic health changes. I believe I also may have stated that there was NO way I could do the Whole30 program, black coffee, no freakin’ way!
The more I pinterest’ed Whole30, did some research, and really looked at myself in the mirror I knew I wanted to try it, but I needed to make myself responsible. We all know how I can be, I like to start things (scrapbooks, DIY projects, recipes, diets, fads, all those types of things) and don’t usually finish them. I posted my first picture on Instagram to ensure I put it out there to the world, make myself accountable and responsible for this journey.

My 3 main reasons for this journey through Whole30
1. Skin issues. If you know me, you know that I openly discuss my eczema and psoriasis- and it’s not something that I hide well (given how my skin doesn’t allow me to do so). I’ve “heard” through different sources that sometimes the reason for “break-outs” is due to food allergies. Well, lets see if this can shine a light on my skin.
2. Weight loss. Sure, that sounds wonderful and ideal- but that amount of weight I want to lose won’t happen on Whole30, but at least I can see what eating better can offer. Positive thoughts here folks. There’s an imagine in my mind (my “just-out-of-high-school-days” of feeling much skinnier, more beautiful, and way tanner) that I feel like I should still be. I’m not that person anymore, I’m not the same person my husband married. Where did she go?
3. Sugar control. Self control. I have serious issues when I see sweets, I just load up and devour them. Cake, yes. Chocolate, yes. Candy, heck yes. Frosting, yes. Oreos with milk, my gosh yes! See.. just thinking about it make me salivate, a lot. I need to do this for myself, to prove to myself that I CAN in fact say no to sugar and get through it.

Day 1:…really about 45 minutes into this Whole30 bit, I’m drinking black coffee- I don’t do black coffee! So far, I’m tired. Craving sweets. Feeling alright. There it is, put into the world that is the Internet.
I also need to go shopping.
Cheers to day ONE!

Day 2: midway through day 2, feeling a little tired but mostly craving sweets still. Jeff had maple & brown sugar oatmeal this morning… I literally drooled on my pants while putting on my tennis shoes. No joke. He wouldn’t let me kiss him after I told him he smelled like brown sugar. Psssh. FINE!

I’m not as moody as I write myself out to be…

Day 3: y’all, I’m writing to you from bed- I have sinus issues out the wazoo! Someone put a vice grip on my head, and a whole lotta nasty up in my nose+throat.

I did manage to dry some Rosemary in the MICROWAVE (right, crazy idea) for a homemade Italian seasoning blend. I feel like I’m cool, like a little cooler than I was yesterday- now I know how to dehydrate Rosemary folks. Italian seasoning mix.
I should mention that this #whole30 bit is making me do all sorts of betty-crocker-type-ish stuff WATCH OUT!!!
Italian seasoning mix, it’s right here!

I will be in bed for the next 4 days.

Day 4: The bed has been where I’ve rooted myself for the past 4 hours… I am feeling miserable. I should mention its sinuses, but my cravings are there and I am hungry- but food sounds repulsing.

I have shown amazing self control- in not devouring saltines with butter or hitting up the pickle juice…

Day 5: y’all, I just wanted some chicken broth to sip and feel better! Every freakin’ brand of chicken broth is a no-go because of non-compliant Whole30 ingredients (yeast extract, sugar, etc). I made a trip to Trader Joes (I wanted to try coconut flower, cauliflower rice, and I wanted chicken broth)- came home and cooked up some soup. It’s like Toscana soup, but with chicken and it’s delish. Here’s the recipe!

Feeling better, my fever is gone but this pressure just won’t go away & my throat is killing me, YUCK!

Day 6: I had multiple, and by multiple I can remember at least 5 (FIVE), dreams about pizza last night. There was oozy cheesy goodness everywhere, crispyity crunchy crust in every dream… I kid you not. Every time I woke up, tried to think of something else (at one point I tried something scary to just freak my mind out), my brain came right back to frackin’ pizza.

Oddly, I don’t have cravings for pizza though, crazy right? Did see that it’s national doughnut day, I salivated and got a little hankering to have one of those bad boys, I’ll partake when Whole30 is over (like a few other things I’ve been thinking of, sweets- all SWEETS.)

Feeling better today- by Saturday night I’ll be ready to run a marathon (pssh, who am I kidding, even at 100% I don’t do marathons- maybe movie marathons…)😬

Day 7: I’ve got feels. Lots of feels. Like I might cry if I see another flippen’ Reese’s cup & I can’t take a fricken’ bite feels. Not angry, nope.

So, I ran to the dollar store (because who doesn’t love a “quick” dollar store trip- I have been amazingly well behaved in not buying miscellaneous things- I’ve become much pickier about what comes in the house, I do not want to do our ginormous donations haul again, NO WAY) & these are a few of the finds I picked up that are whole30 compliant.
-Raisins are a great snack.
-I know garlic bulbs aren’t expensive but when it’s already minced and “fresh”, I like that too and for a buck!
-Hot sauce, there are a few recipes that call for it, and this one sounds pretty good. The list of ingredients is: peppers, salt, & vinegar. That’s it!
-Olives, only the green kind for me please.
-Tuna, this will be my lunch today! With some olive juice and some compliant mayo! (This can be cheaper than a buck at different stores, keep your eyes peeled.)
-They had a load of spices too, and lots of canned veggies and fruit- I have some so I skipped those today. (Watch your local grocery stores too, you can find them cheaper than a dollar during sales or using the store brand, just check for ingredients.)
***Their canned chicken has corn starch in it, it’s a no go. ☹️**

Today’s recipes:
Coffee creamer
Cajun salmon

Day 8: Truth- I was worried about going out while trying to stick with Whole30… but didn’t want to miss this COMIC CON awesomeness!
With a Lara bar, fruit, and more fruit for lunch I was starving for something to fill my belly by the time we were leaving.

PS: I have a serious new love for guacamole, it makes EVERYTHING better.
PPS: adorably skinny lady made me jealous today-I can’t even look at sweet things and this tiny little nugget today was scarfing down an entire pizza. ¡¡What the shiitake mushrooms!! How? Why? #ilovefoodsomuch

Day 9: Not much new here, just my trusty side-kick napping after our afternoon walk.
Confession- I desperately need something other than chicken (dinner) & eggs (breakfast) to spruce up for Whole30. Just means I’ll have to spend more time scouring Pinterest and the local grocery stores.

Day 10: Walked by a Starbucks, nearly went down to my knees.. Holy yum Batman, I had a deep craving. We grabbed a quick bite for dinner, I was nervous, but after a long internet search I found a meal that was #whole30compliant at Chipotle.
🍽Carnita salad with pico and guac, delish!🍛

I’m still battling sweet cravings, nearly broke down earlier for a piece of chocolate- BUT I did not.

Day 11: Here’s a tidbit… #whativelearnedonwhole30 it’s EXPENSIVE to eat healthy folks. EXPENSIVE! What the heck, I feel like nearly every 2 days I’m out getting more fresh fruits or vegetables and maybe some sort of meat. Eek! I’m meal planning and didn’t go crazy with items when I started, maybe that’s part of it. I don’t know.

Y’all, chorizo is Whole30 compliant! Did you read that right? Here, let me help you, chorizo (as long as the ingredients are compliant) is ok on Whole30 🌶!!! This will help change my breakfast game! Woot woot! 🍳+🌶=😍

I do get a little jealous at the store when I see people pushing their carts filled with terrible-nasty-deliciously-sugar filled goodies and they look super happy… WHATEVER. I’m trying to better myself, there. (That’s the conversation I have in my mind, truth.)

Day 12: I might be “cheating” today with snacks in my purse (they are Whole30 compliant) but today will be long and a little nerve wracking here at the hospital.

Jeff has spent the past 6 months working hard to heal and get back to normal walking- well his body had different ideas. His tibia bone won’t heal, so today he has surgery to hopefully fix it. There is a sense of nerves as we wait, but he is in fantastical hands.

Day 13: I was so amped for chorizo I woke up [way too early] and made a chorizo-potato-egg stack. It truly did prepare me for the day! I have a bad habit of checking my phone as soon as I wake up, and in the effort to kick that habit, I left it upstairs while making breakfast…. No foodie pictures from this morning.

Another day, another larabar, & some grapes while hanging with my best dude at the hospital.

I’m stoked for leftovers tonight, I made some kickin’ lettuce wraps last night [quick, easy, and spicy] and I’m having those AGAIN! Check here for the recipe, using my own cajun spice as well, I’m knockin’ these spices outta the park lately!

More good juju for healing as Jeff recovers, he’s coming home tomorrow!

Day 14: I almost caved. Not for chocolate. Not for a doughnut. I almost caved for coffee creamer, creamer! That’s ridiculous! I did not cave, but I held it in my hand & talked myself out of it.

Jeffrey is home! Wahoo! 🎉😄❤️

Jeff had some of the leftover ribs that I made earlier this week (rub recipe is here) & I knew I had to use some of the sweet potatoes I bought. I always think of Thanksgiving and I never thought I was a fan of them- they always needed marshmallows and brown sugar… I LIED TO MYSELF!!!! I like sweet potatoes. Actually, they are super delicious pan roasted with EVOO & salt+pepper. I also tried #aidellssausage (chicken and apple), another pleasant surprise! I didn’t know what to expect since I’ve never had chicken sausage before, slap-my-knee-&-call-me-Sam, it is GOOD!

Cheers to almost (almost) half way, & I’m looking forward to chocolate cake!


Here’s to another 2 weeks! I’ve got this!


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