Black coffee, no thank you!

I don’t drink black coffee.
I don’t enjoy black coffee.
I still LOVE coffee.
I love fatty-sugar-filled-different-tasting creamers.
I don’t know how to survive with Whole30 “black” coffee.. HELP!
I was in an #experimentalwhole30mood and by that I mean that I needed a compliant creamer recipe ASAP, I have a coffee need, desire, lust, infatuation. Truth- all of the above. Here’s what I tried this morning and was very pleasantly surprised and it’s completely
Whole30 compliant:

Image by Jeremy Ricketts via Unsplash

-2 tbsp coconut cream
-1 tbsp coconut oil
-dash of cinnamon
-dash of pumpkin pie spice
-8-10 oz. coffee

Add ingredients to a medium sized measuring cup or large coffee mug, grab your emulsifier/immersion blender and magic happens… deliciously non-black coffee and I enjoyed EVERY second of it. I’d like to try pureed pumpkin and some vanilla bean in the next batch… I’ll keep you posted.



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