Crunching Numbers

Since March of 2016, we’ve crunched a few numbers…

  • 3 escape attempts
    [1st attempt: Riggs took a romp up and down the hotel hallway, a few times up and back, he was pretty excited about it all. Roxie was jealous. I nearly locked myself and Riggs out of the room attempting to get him back inside. It will be funny one day, definitely NOT right now.]
  • 2 Hotel stays
    [We arrived in MD, stayed at our home base of Andrews for about two weeks, but due to availability we had to relocate to Ft. Belvoir, an Army base, in Virginia. It’s actually closer to where we hope to live, so becoming familiar with the base has been important.]
  • 21 houses seen
    [That’s likely a low-ball number, we saw a lot of homes and a few we loved, but a few just left something to be desired.]
  • 1 Emergency Room trip
    [2am wake-up call, J. was having intense abdominal pain, 6 hours at the ER, and he’s going to see a specialist.]
  • 2 cracks in a new windshield
    [Right?! These Maryland roads are no joke folks]
  • 1 new car
    [We intended to buy used, and then I got aggressive with the dealership, and we got a new one for basically the same cost. Basically.]
  • 1,000,000,000 ants
    [And they come a marching- we’ve been surrounded by ants in each hotel room- makes me concerned about ants in a home… EEK!]
  • 9.5 hour flight home
    [And we are so happy to be on American soil, home, close to family!]
  • 47 days living out of suitcases
    [Could be worse, right? Luckily, we are over-packers, unfortunately we did not anticipate the WARM weather!]
  • 1.5 limping family members
    [For a time, both Riggs and J. were limping…]
  • 2 deer antlers eaten
    [They were supposedly indestructible, they lied, give it to Roxie and she’ll prove them wrong.]
  • 1 more scheduled surgery
    [J. will have his 7th surgery to remove and replace one of the rods in his leg, and help mend his tibia bone.]
sunshine on a deck
Image by Andrew Pons via Unsplash
  • 8 books read
    [This was in a total of 2.5 weeks, nothing much on my mother-in-laws record, but I felt accomplished.]
  • 10 used books purchased
    [My excitement for thrift stores is beyond what I can express. Yes, being in ‘Merica is fantastical all it’s own, but just being able to find ENGLISH books for on the cheap- whoa! I don’t need more books, but I’m so obsessed! My to read list just gets longer and longer by the day.]
  • 1/2 a baby blanket completed
  • 1,000 hour trolling Pinterest
    [Not an exaggeration. Truth. Just getting new home ideas, recipes, all the glory that is on Pinterest.]
  • 1 flat tire + a huge metal piece in said tire
    [Just yuck, these MD roads are simply terrible.]
  • 3,000 + some pounds = GONE, GONE, GONE
    [We were very spoiled Americans in Belgium, and lets just say our town-home here in the lovely Alexandria has required an immense downsizing- while we’ve discussed doing this for some time, there was no longer any waiting around. Truth: it’s a relief, but it also took a lot of patience, some crying, and more patience. I should also mention the ridiculous amount of stairs, oh the many many stairs!]Just a little update on what’s going on around these parts.Love,



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