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11 Months, ago

I believe I need a “recap” button, where I press it and suddenly everything that’s happened over the past YEAR (almost a year since I’ve been on here… basically we have been keeping rather busy) is magically written and posted here on this page for me. Not that I don’t highly enjoy conjuring up the memories, looking through the photos, and trying to think of witty things to say to accompany the photos and moments of fun, I do enjoy that part, it just takes me copious amounts of time to do so.

JULY 2014

[Our walk to the beaches in Greece, it was beautiful]

[British Open]

Greece & the British Open in Liverpool- We were sunburned, water logged, and completely stoked for two great trips. J. got his golf in, I did some shopping (and promptly lost one of our nice umbrellas, oops!), we both thoroughly enjoyed all the sunshine and sand.


[Brussels adventures: flower carpet & mini Europe]

End of Summer Day Camp at work (whew), flower carpet in Brussels, Mini Europe adventures, mouth surgery (with a little infection thrown in there), & relaxing- Brussels was fun, the events for the day were a little different than we were expecting- we had higher hopes for the flower carpet and for Mini Europe… I don’t think the rain helped the “off” feeling for the day, BUT a trip to Delerium Café perked up our spirits!


[BAF air show]

[Beer Spa in Prague]

BAF Airshow, Prague, & a lost Sam in Antwerp- Well, the Belgian Air Force Air show was pretty amazing. A beautiful day! Prague was such a great experience- we managed to catch all 3 of our trains to get to the hotel (miracle!), there was a BEER spa day, experienced our first Opera (Marriage of Figaro), and had a blast enjoying all Prague had to offer. I got lost in Antwerp (since I’m directionally challenged and ended up by myself after eating FOOD THAT DIDN’T SIT WELL), walking, trying to find the bus I had arrived on. Very lost. True story. I was a wreck. Found the bus. THE END.



[Julie & Jonas, sweet twins]

[Plitvicka National Park, Croatia]


Twins, Croatia & Halloween- Some very adorable twins graced us with their presence this month- Julie & Jonas simply stole our hearts when they showed up. Our wonderful landlord and her sweet twins and her mother came for a visit and we made dinner, it was a great evening with a wonderful family! Croatia! We explored Pula city center, visited a picturesque city market, took a boat ride around the islands, stuffed ourselves silly with great seafood, had our fill of beach walks, took a great 12 mile hike, and experienced Rovenj. A beautiful vacation!


[MessLords spread- ready to eat some yummy food!]

[Thanksgiving at the hospital, thankful for the support from a wonderful squadron]


5 Star chef dinner (MessLords), hospital stay, & Thanksgiving- We had some seriously great (FOOD NETWORK) Chefs visit our base and made a seriously awesome 4 course meal for us to enjoy! Yummy!!! After J. went TDY, I had a little hiccup in my health- which had me in the hospital for some time… a very scary time- I was surrounded by such amazing friends & family, I am so incredibly lucky. J. came home and we were enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving dinner from the squadron at the hospital, we were grateful for the show of love and support.


[Sillies on Christmas]

[Christmas dinner at Olive Garden]

[… more sillies]

Horse & carriage ride, HOME for the holidays, Christmas, Red Wings game, Detroit Lions game, & New Year’s Eve- We took the Girl Scouts for a horse & carriage ride for their Christmas present, we had a lot of fun. It was chilly but we had some delicious hot cocoa and snacks to warm us up- there were some Christmas songs too, pretty funny. Getting to go home was by far the best Christmas present we could have asked for- it was much needed. We had a wonderful Christmas spent with family. We were also able to see some of our dear friends for New Year’s Eve in Chicago! A great end of the year and a wonderful BEGINNING!


[D,Jazz,R & I in Budapest!]

[We used bottle caps for ‘coal’, and a coke pack for his ‘straw hat’]


Budapest, snow (!!!), & the 2015 Girl Scout Cookie Rally- We experienced Budapest with two of our friends, and it was fun! We had some really awesome food (suggested by the locals), were able to take in some of the sights in the area, and ended our trip with a SPA visit! We had snow, and enough of it for me to make a snow man (I accidentally used stinging nettle for the arms, but besides that I really liked how it looked). To start off the Girl Scout cookie season right, we attended the Tri-Border Cookie Rally!What a night!


[Rome with my love…]

Key Spouse Banquet, Rome, & an awesome Chocolate Class- 2013 through 2014 as a Key Spouse really took me to a new level of appreciation for fellow Key Spouses, for hard work ethic, and for all military members and what they go through when PCSing IN & OUT of a new base. I was humbled and honored to receive the 2014 Squadron Key Spouse of the year award! WOW! Valentine’s Day we spent in the romantic city of Rome, perfect planning darling husband of mine! (<3) We spent some time walking the many piazzas, the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, & a small town we spent the day exploring- Fiucimino, a coastal town. Chocolate is a big deal here in Belgium, well, it’s pretty awesome-sauce when you can not only make it with a professional, but you also get to eat what you made. But seriously (I may of left with way more chocolate than I should eat in a year…).

MARCH 2015

[Giant’s Causeway… windy and beautiful]

J.’s birthday (!), crochet class, IRELAND, Cook It Up, Culture Festival, Tattoos- we celebrated J.’s 29th birthday, with presents, dog kisses, ribs & wine, and confetti cake (this year’s cake was MUCH better, since I used the box mix). I attended and helped put together a crochet class on base- I learned how to crochet (for the 2nd time), and it was fun to do it with fellow spouses. Then there was Ireland, what a fantastical experience! Dublin is just that, DUBLIN, I don’t know how else to describe the experience of Dublin- you can’t compare it to anything else, but it is a lot of fun. Of course Guinness, Jameson, an Irish Wayne Newton impersonator, a Celtic dance show, an EMERGENCY bathroom pit-stop after a train ride, the last few minutes of a college rugby match, energetic taxi drivers, and some seriously delicious food. We strayed out of the “city” and took an awesome coastal tour of Belfast. There were some events on base that I supported-love seeing the kiddos happy and having fun and it was a lot of fun putting together a cooking competition on base (I made potato chip cookies for the first time, YUM)!

APRIL 2015

[Silly guys!]

[Jazz at Bastogne]

Eggstravaganza, JH&L (we have tons of stories for this visit- more on this in a different entry),  Jazz went to Bastogne, GS camp out, 5K turned into a 10K- We had a quiet Easter, but did enjoy helping the base put together an Easter egg hunt and some fun crafts! JH&L came to visit!!! Despite some icky sick days (for me), we were able to really get out and enjoy the sights (in Germany, Belgium, & the Netherlands)!So glad they could visit! Our close friends celebrated their son’s 3rd birthday, with a full on MACHO LIBRE themed- we had mustaches and all… it was fantastic! Jazz & some of the other flight leads visited Bastogne, he took some really great pics!!! To wind down the Girl Scout year, we did one more BIG event, a CAMP OUT! Where we actually stayed in tents over night, but did have access to bathroom facilities (the girls were SUPER thankful for that one), rain and all… EEK. Some ladies and I decided to take part in a run for a local school- we didn’t actually run, we walked- we thought it was a 5K.. HAHA, it was a 10K. Just a little bit different than we had expected. 

Here we are today- we are already enjoying the sunshine and the upcoming summer- which will bring some visitors! We are looking forward to June, some vacations, family, and more sun!



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