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Adventures & Smiles

Adventures with JH&L-

*I absolutely adore this picture that Jazz captured!

First-up: Brussels & dinner locally…
We met up with JH&L at the train station in Brussels- we thought we could get in a few of Brussels’ top attractions while we were there!

*JH&L in front of Manneken Pis in Brussels
*J&H in the Brussels city center

Then there was: Germany

      *L, leading the way to the castle. I believe he took some pretty stellar shots during this visit!

Dragon’s Castle- very cool & what an experience. There were two sections- the newly renovated museum castle and the castle bits that remained- it was very beautiful! H heard of Cherry Blossom’s in the area of a great ice cream place- well we found a small street filled with them. Beautiful! The Cologne cathedral was also on the agenda, and it was looming in the bright sun filled sky- gorgeous.

*The guys at the top of the second section of the castle- it was scary high but such a great view.
*Our ice cream selfie, so not ashamed.
*The cherry blossoms were beautiful. We managed to get a tourist-free shot of the street!

We experienced PhantasiaLand & drove back to Belgium…
WOW! We had a lot of fun, and I’m not necessarily a big roller-coaster fan- they usually give me headaches. Jazz & J were having a lot of fun riding the “scary” ones, better them than me. L seemed to really enjoy the kid specific rides!

*Silly rides, big person rides, and super scary rides (that not everyone went on, goodness me). Fun day had all around!

Belgium gems: Bree market, Bokrijk park, & an invisible church

The market in our town is massive, and it was a beautiful morning. J had his first fresh Belgian waffle experience, we snagged some sweet treats & savory ones as well, and didn’t even get through the entire market! It was actually Jazz’s first Bree market experience too!

Bokrijk playground was way more awesome than I thought it could be- I have to admit- I didn’t know what to expect. AWESOME-SAUCE-X100! It has loads of different playgrounds, it’s kid friendly, free (you pay for parking), and it was a beaitfully sunny day. Perfect.

When H mentioned finding an “invisible church” I was a bit hesitant at first- but when she explained some of the background and I was incredibly intrigued. We got just a little turned around, and were starting to doubt it’s existence- until EUREKA, it appeared right when we were ready to call it quits!

Here’s a link: Invisible Church

What a beauty!


*J’s waffle experience at the Bree market!
* L at the awesomeness that was Bokrijk!
*Invisible church- outside view & a view of the tower from the inside

Amsterdam (day 1): Jazz & I have never been to Amsterdam- our first experience was great! Rijiks Museum had us in awe, we enjoyed a great dinner with friends & an awesome improv comedy show (BOOM Chicago)! I was promptly selected as a subject for improv, not my best moment. I don’t do super well under pressure.

*I was superbly impressed by the library at Rijiks Museum, my face likely says it all.
*Jazz enjoyed the top floor, the air museum.

Amsterdam (day 2) was a great day with a picturesque canal ride, and the Van Gogh museum! A sad farewell to JH&L, but we are so glad they were able to come visit!

*Jazz on the canal ride, what a handsome man!
*JH&L and their friend on the boat.



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