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Fun with FAMILY

Right off the airplane, jet lag and all, DMJ&I headed to Normandy! What a gorgeous day!
We had our toes in the sand while enjoying the amazing sights. There were tents with “antique” military items, tanks, boats, and loads of great war era outfits!

[Dad thought I didn’t know where to focus the camera… oh dad.]

This is our beautiful chateau that J. found- wow! What a fantastic host and place. It was straight out of a magazine…







Day 2: 70th D-Day Memorial Ceremony

[A somber and humbling experience.]

We witnessed a 21 gun salute, walked the grounds while full of pride, heard and saw President Obama speak, and were honored to take part in such an amazing ceremony.

Never mind that the bus to take us back was OVER 3 hours late.. oh dear! Not a great ending to such an experience.

Day 3: Beaches, Le Mont St. Michel, & Rennes

Before we said farewell to Normandy we enjoyed a great breakfast with Isa., did some light souvenir shopping and visited the beaches again. Another gorgeous day!

[Leave no one behind]

A couple that we met on the bus to the D-Day ceremony, suggested we visit St. Michel. It was on our way- and what a sight to see! The history here is pretty awesome- but I won’t try to recreate what I read up on this spectacular piece of land, I would do it injustice.


[the small streets were lined with shops, restaurants, and museums.]

Rennes- we did some walking and ate a delicious dinner with some much needed WINE! Yummy!

[Yes, we had Italian in France!]

Day 4: Beautiful

A beautiful resting place for an amazing mother, friend, wife, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

Day 5: Market Fun

M&D needed to experience a Belgian market- Peer market with the delicious waffles, scarves, food, culture, and fun! We had a relaxing day after all the driving- there may of been a few games of Rack-O, to which I may of been a sore loser. Here’s to the 90’s board games that I stole from home when I moved away…

[can’t beat fresh Liège “walking” waffles]

Day 6 & 7: Relaxation

We spent out relaxing days playing games, I was a sore loser per usual. We also were able to take M&D to a BBQ on base- good food, awesome corn hole, and great friends.

Day 8: Brussels’s to taking a train to Brussels. What a fiasco! An experience for all of us- to which we probably won’t do again. But, yay for taking a TRAIN!

[prior to departure- Dad had never taken a train before!]

What another gorgeous day here in Belgium! Brussels is always a hit- there’s so much to see and do, and what a great cultural experience. Mannequin de piss, Brussels centrum, Hard Rock- fun!

[beautiful Brussels!]


[Dad was enjoying every second of this visit!]

Day 9: Brugge & Sunshine

M&I did a quick Bree market tour! Brought delicious breakfast rolls home for the guys and headed to Brugge to see the sites.

[the very definition of YUM]

[Lunch, way over priced- but nice to sit and soak up the sunshine.]

We were able to see the beautiful center, did some shopping, but were too late to tour some of the other sights. A fun day just walking and shopping.

Day 10: Bastogne

[Bastogne War Memorial- what an amazing remembrance]

The memorial is in memory of the 76,890 American soldiers killed, wounded or missing in the Battle of the Bulge, in the shape of a five-pointed American star. What an exceptional place to see- a complete historical immersion.

[Foxholes, wow. To still be here, all this time afterwards.]

 Following our historical walks- we headed to Germany to prep for a big Fathers’s Day Rhine River cruise.

Day 11: Father’s Day

For Father’s Day we wanted to take an adventure to Germany…
Our first stop- the Burg Rheinstein Castle. Beautiful way to start the VERY early day. I didn’t mention- to get to the castle was a very intense walking trek! We got our morning work out for sure!

[breakfast- up on high]

[lovely gardens & grape vines] was the Rhein River cruise- a quick trip around the Rhein and with a yummy authentic German lunch meal.

[ready to board]


A stop that we made was to a little wine shop- where we tasted, chatted, and enjoyed more sunshine.

We were able to tour a local town off the Rhein- while D&J experienced a torture museum [apparently it was best kept as a walk-by and not a visit type place], M&I sipped some wine and people watched.

We asked the hotel attendant for the BEST local German restaurant… she delivered.


  [such a food lover- yum. The real deal schnitzel.]

Day 12 & 13: Rest & Relax with Belgian Futbol
We had a long drive home- and it was nice to be home again, rest and relax for a bit.

At our local spot.. we enjoyed some rather FUN Belgian antics for their Futbol games- well, the World Cup actually.

Eggs, cake, beer, goals, food.

…so the hard-boiled eggs are a fun “game” that the Belgians play. You crack the egg, BUT one of them isn’t boiled.. so you could end up messy! There was cake, just because. FREE beer every time the Belgians scored- we were fit to be perfectly happy!

Until our next adventure M&D- we had a blast! So thankful that ya’ll were able to visit, and that our adventure we got to share with you! Memories!

Until our next adventure.



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