Years Passed

May-EPIC Visit

Welcome to Belgie Lin!


We spent the afternoon walking and seeing Brussels & all it has to offer the tourists. It was a beautiful day to sight see, spend time with family, and generally be in Brussels!



Another beautiful day- a very packed place, but worth it! Unfortunately there were quite a few bulbs that were dead- so the tulips weren’t in “FULL” blossom mode. It was still very beautiful! Definitely a bucket list favorite. There were some fun ways to plant blooms- (see the cheese roll) and just acres of beautiful flowers. It’s crazy to think of how many different variations of tulips there are, the colors, the styles- wow! We gorged ourselves on kettle corn, ice cream, and tulip bulb purchases! When in Keukenhof!


On our way to SWITZERLAND- we made a pit stop in Ramstein. A slice of America in Europe. We managed to snag a fantabulous room for the night. The next day Lin & I enjoyed a nice manicure and pedicure for mother’s day! Sometimes, you just need a little pampering.

Though it was a long drive, it was so very worth it. Not just the views, but the fact that we are in SWITZERLAND! We arrived and were ready to fill our stomachs, the hotel we were staying at had a pub on the lower floor- IRISH pub at that. We indulged, and it was just what we needed after the long drive. We were looking forward to a good night’s sleep- excited for adventures tomorrow!

Good morning Switzerland- what a beautiful day! We walked to a “market”, which was similar to a large flea market. We found some great finds though! I will say- we did not leave with a grocery cart, or a lawn mower (which were available for purchase at said “market”). As we were leaving the “market”- we spotted a group of individuals outside of “Heimwehflun”.

{view from the top- wow!}

We could hear the cow bells from the fields, see the planes as they left for their scenic tours, smell the fresh air from way up high. Beautiful.
The vintage funicular runs to the top of the Heimwehfluh using technology dating from the year of its founding in 1906. The short trip up to the hilltop is worth it alone for the views of Interlaken and Lake Thun. (From the flyer..)

Japanese garden in Switzerland! The first Japanese garden in Switzerland, situated on the Höheweg next to the Hotel Interlaken is a symbol of friendship (established in 1978) between the sister cities of Interlaken and Otsu in Japan. It was designed in 1995 by a landscape gardener from Otsu and erected according to the rituals of the Japanese horticultural society. (Google gave me that one..)

Following our garden experience we found a few souvenir shops- and decided to have Mexican for dinner- in Switzerland… we like to spice it up a bit and it was very authentic- considering it was in Switzerland! We had a nice chat with the owner- he wanted to bring authentic Hispanic food to Switzerland, he did!

Our final day before leaving it was rainy- which we had expected. Our options for “things-to-do” was limited, so we decided to visit the St. Beatus Caves. Holy moly folks. It was such an experience- one of which was realizing when we got there that it was a mountain- we had to climb a mountain, just to get to the caves. Did NOT expect that one.

Inside the caves- an interesting walk, an even more interesting story:  Legend has it that these limestone caves once served as a refuge for St. Beatus, who it is said drove away the dragon who live there in the 6th century. (From a book I bought at the caves.) After the caves, we enjoyed lunch, a relaxing evening and more food.

Farewell Switzerland.

Heaven received another angel. Forever in our hearts.
Phillip Smith
February 1959-May 2014


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