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The way it sounds- truly makes me giggle inside every time I see it! We made a pit stop on our way- to eat dinner & sleep.


Our first stop today was Documentatioinszentrum (Document Center)– Nazi Party Rally Grounds- basically an information paradise for hubs. I find it all extremely fascinating and I want to soak it into my brain, get more wrinkles- but when I try to recall it or sound like I know what I’m saying… my brain goes all gooey and forgets everything I saw or read. FYI: gooey is totally a proper word for what happens to my brain goods.


Interesting Facts:

  • The permanent exhibition “Fascination and Terror” (Faszination und Gewalt) studies the causes, coherence, and consequences of National Socialism. It describes the Nazi Party Rallies and explains the fascination they exercised upon participants and visitors.
  • The exhibition endeavors to explain what led to the National Socialists’ criminal exercise of power and to reveal how the various causal factors were interrelated.

After the documentation center- we followed the MASSIVE crowd… no idea where we were going, what we were going to see, but knowing that the people we were following had AWESOME outfits on (meaning they were decked out in very colorful “gypsy” type clothing).


After enjoying the carnival cuisine we took a ride in the Ferris wheel- which was “ok”. By “ok” I mean- I was a bit of a wreck when we started moving. Never mind that we just moved 3 inches from where we got on the ride- I was starting to sweat, have some quickened heart beats, there might of been a small hand squeeze- just a little one. What’s happened to me as I age? I used to CRAVE this sort of stuff, now I’m all.. “We’re safe. This is fine. We’re safe. It’s moving, whew- that WIND. We’re safe.” I feel so silly sometimes. Safe to say- we ended our carnival adventure there. We drove by Zepplin Field quickly, wishing we had more time, but things were starting to close down. We enjoyed a stroll through the city center as well and some yummy ice cream.

Morning! We visited the Palace of Justice this morning- where the Nuremburg trials were held (that was in my notes from daily updates via my travel “journal”. Unfortunately it’s not because I remembered.)

Did you know:

  • The trials took place in courtroom number 600, situated in the eastern wing of the Palace of Justice. The courtroom is still used, especially for murder trials. At the end of the Nuremberg Trials the courtroom was refurbished, and is now smaller.

J. is so full of facts, information, and I’m in awe of how his brain can hold all of that. I have to write down my next 10 minute to-do list and I still get distracted when I walk into another room. This particular visit- J. was in his information mode- I wish I would have written down all that he said. I do remember something about a movie- so I reckon that’s on my to-do list. Guess I better write it down. (Haha!)


While waiting at the train station- we pulled a B&R – & followed the mass crowd of colorful folks towards a futbol game. We got there! However, it was packed, and we shouldn’t have expected any  less. So… we are in line. Hoping we can get 2 tickets. Waiting patiently. Checking our wallet to see how much cash we have, since that’s ALL they take. Oops, we are not able to get these tickets. We are almost out of hope- maybe we can find the fan house again- that’s a plan. We walked a bit further… there’s another line. Seems legit. Let’s try it. SCORE! We had just enough cash for 2 tickets, nose bleed seats, but 2 tickets!


[There was enough cash to get a soda, a beer, and a pretzel. Hoping our train tickets are all day passes and we’ll worry about that later.]

We “stumbled” upon a city market after our fun a the futbol game! We have some rather awesome luck with markets. I love it. Sipping our drinks, taking in the city market, listening to the church bells chime, enjoying dinner… (well, what I had- J, got a calzone filled with veggies- whoopsie.) A beautiful day!



Homeward bound. Excited to see the babies!




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