Years Passed

Late & Very Lengthy

[My usual… late & very lengthy]
…but are you surprised? Really though?
I always have good intentions- and then my mind starts going in a MILLION different directions and I’ve already forgotten what I was supposed to be doing. [There might be a Grey’s Anatomy episode going, a Microsoft Word program class running, and I’m typing my blog entry… who says you can’t multi-task.]

I can’t even recall where we left off- that’s how far behind I am. I feel terrible for making you wait so long to hear about the adventures of the Winter clan here in Belgie.



Happy Birthday Darling! I attempted to make his favorite cake [confetti cake] from scratch… it did not end well. The homemade icing was delicious, but for some reason the cake came out tasting very “doughy”- though it was done through. Weird. I reckon I’ll need to keep trying to perfect it. [I tried to make it from scratch because the commissary here doesn’t sell the boxed cake!]


One perk of my job- doing some pretty cool stuff with some pretty cool people. We put together a brewery tour- Wilderen Brewery is just about 45 minutes from us in the town of St. Truiden. It’s a small mom and pop brewery but with some tasty beers! A great day for a brewery visit.


Look who came to visit us in Belgium! Flat Elisheba! Ohmygoodness I’m so excited! We had a lot of fun with Flat E! A walk around the neighborhood with R+R, some sunshine and reading, and of course the fun of putting the scrapbook of her time with us together.



We had more visitors to Belgium- B&H came all the way from England! There was a massive beer run, dinner out on the town, a fire, and some sleep… and then we woke up to a flooded basement-Ugh-oh, not good- but we were able to get it under control with the help of our landlords and some buckets.

We still made it to Gent to meet up with B&H- we walked the streets, toured a few castles, stumbled upon a flower market, and enjoyed some delicious eats and drinks.


I put together a Belgian cooking class with one of the Belgian Air Force guys- he really enjoys cooking and wanted to help some Americans learn some cIMG_5155ooking tips and food, Belgian style. It was truly a delicious meal and great experience.

Appetizer: White asparagus soup with raw salmon & white asparagus a la flamande
Meal: roasted lamb with baby potatoes & tomato stuffed zuchini
Dessert: homemade vanilla and chocolate ice cream

Ya’ll- we managed to make a 4 course meal in a small kitchen, and let me tell you, it was so awesome. It did take about three hours, but the final result was so darn delicious I would do it again in a heartbeat. I’ll try to find the recipes… trust me, you’ll want to try them!









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