Years Passed

A Realization of Sorts

Just a few things, quickly…

  • I typically start one of these entries when there are numerous things around the house that should be done. That might include the MASSIVE pile of laundry sitting next to me (to which, Roxie is now laying upon, no real surprise there), the dishes sitting next to the sink (calling my name since yesterday), and the crazy amount of dog toys that I’m continually stepping on (which are located all over the floor and maybe a few in between the couch cushions).
  • I pretend not to be a procrastinator, while in actuality, I do procrastinate- I like to call it “selective-procrastination”. Those might include the items listed above, MIGHT include those things.
  • Busy is better than bored, but there are moments when I miss being able to keep up with daily things and/or getting my creative juices going with my crafts (which may take longer to put together at times than I’ll admit).
  • I keep saying I’ll keep up with this blog, and I’ll promise until I’m blue in the face.. but really- I’m not quiet so good at keeping those promises.

I’ll check the last item off the list.. and get on with this entry.. 😀

February 2014
It’s been homework overload in the Winter household as of lately, I know R&R aren’t complaining- they have plenty of room on the couch with us to snuggle and nap. Is it great that we can spend time together like this, absolutely, do I wish it was watching a movie instead, you bet!


A perk of my job, planning fun events and participating in them! This was a chocolate class (BELGIAN chocolate at that) I put together before valentine’s day, and it was a fun and memorable class. The teachers were full of spirit and obviously loved what they do. It was a large class, and I’m so excited that it went so well!

Valentine’s Day dinner
Most places here take euro not card- well, we only had our card and maybe a few bucks on hand, and ATMs aren’t exactly abundant in our town. So here we are- counting our cash and taking note of how many drinks we can have and what meals we could pay for. (We are notorious for forgetting to get cash to eat.) We made it fun, and it was certainly a wonderful evening spent with my love. We always have a story to tell- Winter adventures! (We made room for dessert, I offered to wash dishes is need be.)

An awesome antique/flea market that’s just about 45 minutes from where we live. This was another event for work! A chilly morning, but definitely worth the drive and the chill in the air. Some great finds! This market is world-renowned, truth. One of the biggest antique markets in Europe, and in the oldest town in Belgium. It’s a guarantee you’ll find at least one thing you like, and if not, you aren’t looking hard enough!

That’s all I’ve got for now…


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