Years Passed

Cheers to 2014

Happy January 2014 (if I could capitalize the numbers, I would)

The morning after.. we are just PARTY animals I tell ya. Ha- no really, it was a great 31st- and J. made a delicious breakfast enchilada bake. Please, don’t ask for a recipe- since my husband rarely even uses one. Ask him & he’s likely to say “I just threw it together”. True story.

[This photo marked the beginning of my 365 days of Instagram- not that I don’t already do that, but now there’s more “themes” than just random what I did today…actually, it still is random- but I have BIG plans for the 365 photos. You’ll see.]


So- part of my job entails putting together events and providing transportation (sometimes) for said events. I had the brilliant idea to do the Brussels Christmas market- for my FIRST outing as the Community Support Center Coordinator. Oh yea- I had a mini break-down the night before, when I realized I would have to drive an 8-person van into the HEART of Brussels… one of the busiest towns in Belgium. We made it there- with only a small freak-out, really, no one noticed. Here are a few pictures- it was definitely a fun market!

I have never before seen a carousel with the “rides” they had here in Brussels- I was absolutely fascinated! There were rockets, hot air balloons, all sorts of awesome! Below is the mannequin piss- they had him dressed up for New Years still, he reminded me of a mini Elton John. There was good food, the sweets, and some food I’m not sure we’ll try again. Hm. Ched. & I thought we could get through the scary/funny  “Christmas Ice Monster”, I mean, this is for kids! It was NOT funny! It was ridiculously SCARY! Dark, weird, VERY SCARY. I was only laughing so much because I was so nervous, and maybe more scared than anything. An adventure to remember, geez.

 So.. everyone did some shopping, it was a crisp and sunny day. We managed to get on the right train, get off on the right station, and we may of gotten a little lost on the way home (it was DARK out) but we made it! I’m only human, right!? I know what NOT to do for next time, life is a lesson learning experience.

2014 Girl Scout COOKIE RALLY & LOCK IN!
Oh my gosh ya’ll! It was a busy, crazy, awesome, really cool event/night. We had some really fun crafts for the girls to do, they met some other GS and traded S.W.A.P.S- they got to taste test all the cookies (Thin Mints won the Cookie Rally taste test, no surprise there), they pigged out on awesome food, sang, dance, and generally had a good time. It was a rough night for me- every sound I heard I thought it was a little lady looking for mom/dad… would I do it again- YES, would it be tomorrow, heck to the no!

[Our little ladies at breakfast the following morning, early morning, very early.]

I’m a lucky lady. Plain and simple. Can’t lie- there are days when I don’t want to make dinner, well- the hubs steps right up with creativity and feeds that rumbling tummy!


Homemade taco shells and all- he’s a keeper!

Walk with the kiddos- we are so lucky to live in Belgium and enjoy the beautiful scenery, mornings, and all around atmosphere.

For the first time in almost a year- we rearranged some furniture, more than a few pieces. We really rearranged all the bedrooms. By “we” I mean, I had a hankering and J. appeased me by helping. I have serious commitment issues when it comes to furniture mobility…

That might seem so silly- but if you know me, as most of you do, rearranging furniture ONCE A YEAR is just ridiculous. I rearrange furniture 2 times a month, if not more. Truth. The furniture here is so large- I can’t move it by myself or is there necessarily room to change it. Big deal to rearrange it. Something about how it feels new and fresh!
I was even able to find room for a few thrift store finds, perfection!

The GS cookies arrived- 5,000ish boxes. What a busy, busy afternoon. So excited for our girls. So thankful for some really amazing people who helped out so much! It was a little stressful, and some of the USAFE employees were a little rude, but we managed to get all the cookies out of the warehouse, to their prospective troops and ready to sell!


We’ve had a few new families added to the KB community- and I kept promising to take the spouses thrifting. We didn’t just thrift, we also had a great lunch and stopped at a few other stores (all the good ones) on the way. A day filled with friends, shopping, and food- um, doesn’t get any better! I really did have fun AL&LD! We found a mom and pop restaurant, and worked on our Flemish/Dutch… a great afternoon!


So there was a rumor of a 3-story craft store… say what?! Can’t lie, I was so amped to check this place out I could hardly stand it. Mind you- it’s difficult to find things around these parts that you might find at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. When someone mentions a 3-story craft store, my mind goes gah-gah and I forget what my name is. Truth. I didn’t  take pictures. I was so enthralled with the items available. It was certainly more expensive than I thought, but since I can’t find the items anywhere else- I’ll take it!

A few pictures.. of the kiddos- because that’s how I roll.

They are just too adorable for words! Love them to pieces.

Until next time (BERLIN, here we come!)



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