Years Passed


What’s covered in white, 8 hours away, and frigid cold?


Friday 24Jan| What an early day, and a long drive. We did some homework, finished a leisure book, and took in the snow falling from the gray clouds above. We wanted snow, we got snow. We were excited for Berlin- but ready to be off the bus.

[SNOW & holy brrr!]

We arrived in Berlin- managed to find our hotel (with the help of some friends). We knew we wanted to see Brandenburg Gate at night, with all the lights. Very beautiful. We even arrived in time for a impromptu horn group.


 We walked, we walked, we froze, we window shopped- we walked some more. There was even some walking and sights. There was a point, when my “hanger” (hungry anger) was starting to take over- so J. spotted a place to eat…


[Restaurant Nolle]

The schnitzel was good, the German potato soup and sandwich were delicious, the wine and beer were good- we were soaking up the warmth and the dining. A great dinner in Berlin! We braved the cold yet again, to hit a few more shops before evening’s end.

We caught a football game and sip on some drinks before heading off to bed.

[A little whisky, a little amaretto]

Saturday 25Jan|  We enjoyed a rather large breakfast at the hotel- yum. We were bundled up, walking towards “Checkpoint Charlie”, and about halfway there J. mentioned he forgot his passport… well shoot! Part of the whole CC visit was to get our passports stamped- oops! We sipped some Starbucks (we don’t get that often) hot chocolate and headed over to CC when it opened.


A few from “Checkpoint Charlie”-

We met up with some friends (N&R) to do a tour of Sachsenhausen.


[Freezing and full of emotions]

It was literally frigid cold, a few points during the 2 hour tour I was certain I might lose my big toe from frost bite. Which really hit my heart, when you think of how we were bundled up- and yet the prisoners were in ‘rags’. How tremendously awful. We warmed up on the way back to the hotel- to change and head to dinner. N&R joined us for dinner at Block House- a delicious steak house.

Following dinner- we headed to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert! Jeff and I had never been- here I was thinking the show was their “Christmas” show, nope! Not at all! We kept seeing tons of Metallica t-shirts and wondering “What is going on?” “Maybe they really like TSO!” Hmmm.. it was really more along the lines of 80s hair band! Haha!






I didn’t know that TSO even had singers- really good singers! What?! I reckon I’ve been hiding under a rock. Shame on me.

After a long day and a loud but fun-filled evening, we hit the hay! We knew we needed to head back to CC in the morning..

[We got our passports stamped!!! Happy hubby!]

 Sunday 26Jan|   We endured the 8 hour ride home, filled it with another book and a few movies. Worth it for sure! We know we have to go back- we didn’t get to see nearly enough of what we wanted to.

Until we meet again Berlin,



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