Years Passed

A time for THANKS

The days leading up to the 23rd had our household in a food tizzy. Bread, soup, turkey, sides- and mind you this was not even for our family Thanksgiving.

This was actually homemade bread, my first try, and it wasn’t too bad!

We had our flight potluck for Thanksgiving as well as the KB SEC (Spouses Events Committee) soup night!


Turkey- which was my first turkey, ever and it was pretty good. There’s some soup and a few sides there too… I needed more hands.





Some side notes- that I must confess:

– I decided to help assist with the KB SEC this year as Vice President. Apparently in the past the spouses groups do not do very well- my fellow committee spouses are determined to make this year and the following years different. I’m so excited for the fun events we’ll put together! We already have so many idea!

– I got a job! No joke here. I am KB’s newest Community Support Center Coordinator (CSCC for short), and I start in December! My excitement is overwhelming me. (So much so that I’ve already decorated my desk at work- and probably have far too many pictures up on my desk.) I’ll help incoming families and airmen with transition as well as put together community events.

– We attended the squadron Thanksgiving potluck as well, lots of people and food. A great afternoon spent with our KB family.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We had a low-key night with a friend and some football. Yes- per my usual we set up Christmas decorations and the tree (a family tradition for me). So excited for the season! So grateful for all our family, friends, and loved-ones.

Our very first Christmas market in Belgium- well, Germany. It was exactly what we expected- very merry and jolly. Lots of stands filled with food, German treats, and more food. What a fantastic experience!



J. boarded a plane for the next four weeks- sad to see him go but glad he’s able to see his family and take this training opportunity.



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