Years Passed

A little of THIS & a little of THAT

There’s was a base nearby, about a 2 hour drive, that had a “holiday” bazaar. There were vendors from Germany, Belgium, & the Netherlands. We managed to find ourselves some goodies!

Potluck ‘Style’

The KB Key Spouses put together the “Spouse-It-Up Potluck”. Our KS mentor suggested a “dress-up” theme… bring a dish from your hometown & dress up like someone from your hometown! We had Jack Daniels from TN and a few creative ones- it was a good time. I found a recipe for “pasties” which is a MI classic, and I cheated and used Kellogg’s Rice Krispy’s [which is where Kellogg’s was started in Battle Creek, MI] to make a quick dessert!


J. found these ADORABLE little jackets for R&R… I just about died from cuteness! My goodness I’m such a dork! Of course J. carved the bat, which was way more carving intensive than mine was- show off.

Go Green Girl Scouts
To celebrate the GS Birthday we had a party with our little ladies! It was a “Go Green” theme- where we talked with our girls about recycle, reuse, and the amazing-ness of going green as a girl scout and family. We found rocks to make rock pets, we used recycled cardboard to make bookmarks, we sang Happy Birthday to the Girl Scouts & generally had fun. It was a really fun day with our ladies! What an amazing group of girls we have, we are so lucky!

 Fall Fling
The Elementary school had a fall fling, and someone mentioned a “cake walk”.. which in my mind meant I get to walk around and taste cakes. I kid you not. Do you know what a “cake walk” is? Guess what… I showed up with a cute shirt but comfy pants [ready to eat my heart out], and to my surprise you don’t walk around and eat cake. Nope. I looked a little silly when I was asking all these questions… hindsight I can understand what the weird looks were for at least. I did volunteer to help out at the kiddo craft table, which was fun. There was also a chili cook-off which was fun to judge, a few left me with smoke coming out of my ears but they were delish. A good time. Unfortunately J. wasn’t feeling well.. boo.

Another.. Bazaar
We went for an early morning walk with the kiddos.
Yes it’s true, another Bazaar. This one was closer to us, and we managed to get a few more bottles of wine. Some pretty sweet German ornaments & we hit up IKEA on the way home & had dinner at this Greek place we’ve been eyeing since we moved here, but has been under renovations for such a long time. We finally stopped in, I’m so glad we did. Fantastic food, great service, and we are definitely going back! The waiter brought us two shots at the end of our meal, “on-the-house” he says in broken English, we were shocked. We tasted them, decided it was amazing, asked for the “recipe” and the waiter then quickly responded with: “It’s top secret”. Well, shoot.

 Winter wine tasting…
Here we are again, more wine! Ha, we just like to stock up and then savor the drink. The wine place we frequent does a fall tasting & a spring tasting- we are officially on a first-name basis and I must say, it’s fantastical!

 [Some pumpkin seeds anyone? Our lovely landlords brought over 2 awesome pumpkins & we decided to make some goodies. I ended up using some Ranch mix & cinnamon with brown sugar, they came out good!]

Packing for Rome… next update will be long and full of fun details! So excited!



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