Years Passed

Reunited & it Feels so Good

Let me be brutally honest right now.. I’m definitely procrastinating writing. Currently I’m stalking Facebook, and watching a rendition of Chicago’s “Cell Block Tango” with Disney villains… while trying to figure out where to start on our adventure with B&R.



Our Germany adventure with B&R began in Dusseldorf- which is about a 2 hour drive from where we live! We arrived with goodies-Belgian beer & Cards Against Humanity. {of course}

We ventured into “Old Town” using the tram, which we managed to use FREE of charge, that’s how we roll.

We ate lunch at a local brewery- to which the beer was very German & delicious. Our waiter spoke, literally, NO English- but we all managed to order, eat, and drink merrily. I can’t remember the name, and I thought I took a picture.. but I didn’t. Boo.

 Following lunch, we did some shopping, which was nice! We got our fill at H&M! I believe there was even a “twins” moment for B&J.. they bought the exact SAME sweater!! Ha.


Our walking had us hankering for something sweet…We stopped at Sugarbird Cupcakes..


Cupcakes, tea, and white hot chocolate- mmmm, delish! Just what we needed! We decided to quench our German taste buds and stopped at a tavern- Oberbanern.

We had our walking shoes on- we did some more light shopping and walking. We decided to have a few drinks on the Rheine River- how ridiculously amazing is it that we were there, with B&R, and just sipping away at some nice beverages and catching up.

{I definitely ordered nuts as an appetizer, thinking it would be a bowl of nuts.. NOPE, it was a small vacuum sealed bag..silly American girl}

On our way home, we stopped at a Kabob shop to get our dinner fix. I think the consensus what that J.’s pick {a beef kabob sandwich} was AMAZING, we all took turns eating it, spilling it, talking about it, generally stuffing our faces and having fun.

 To close our evening we enjoyed some wine, beer, and of course.. Cards Against Humanity. A great first day with B&R!

We slept in! Following our fill of sleep, we wanted to eat locally for breakfast. Ha. Ha. Ha. After 45 minutes of searching for food- we were all a little testy and irritated- we found a small “bistro” where we had a drink and a light breakfast. We wanted to catch a German futbol game, we were there, why not?!?? We found our way to the train station ready to go to Aachen, where a match was playing. While waiting, we started seeing other people obviously getting geared up for a futbol match {given their attire and fun filled grocery bags}. Hmm… We boarded the train, excited and ready for a futbol match, when R befriended a guy on the train- who mentioned that there was a match closer to us and was a much BIGGER game. The #1 and the #6 ranked German teams were playing…This was a HUGE match! Flying by the seat of our pants, we followed a group of nice Germans to where we thought the game was. We walked, walked some more, smelled the fresh mint {which was growing wildly by the walking paths}, and walked more. We found our way to the “Fan House”, where we bought some apparel, some beer, and some fries! R&J found 2 tickets, with the help of our new German friends… and we were on the search for 2 more. Another beer later, the guys headed on to search for 2 more tickets. They found 2 tickets, but…
Not “real” tickets.
B&I were told to take our tickets to the “box office” where they would replace them and let us into the game… we were laughed at by the guys at the “box office”. Apparently the tickets were real, but were not purchased by the person who sold them to B&J, so the seats were purchased by someone else. OF FREAKIN COURSE! Oh well, B&I decided to watch the game from the “fan house” and let B&J enjoy it from the stands.
Except J. gave me all his money, and R used the rest of his money to buy the scalped tickets… so they didn’t get to have beer during the game.
B&I enjoyed the game, chatted, and had a few beers.

 Following the #6 team win, we decided to head home! Mind you, we took a specific bus to get to the arena… we had no idea where to go. First, we headed in the direction that everyone was walking… then they all sort of went in different directions. Then, we asked a few guys who were sitting at a bus stop where they were going, they told us to cross the street and wait for a bus to arrive. Well… we crossed the street and there were no buses coming our way, but there were PLENTY going to opposite direction. So… the logical thing was to walk towards the buses that were going the opposite direction, but we just kept walking and walking. I asked a friendly police man how we could get back to the train station- he told us how. More walking. So you see- all this walking, for me, means potty time..aka: Sam is doing the potty dance! I decided to buck up and go in an area hidden from the sidewalk by shrubs and a few trees. I had to walk a ways to go, so when I was finished I just kept walking on the inside of the shrubbery line. When I tried to get over the shrubs I was stopped by a fence hidden by the shrubs. Ok. Just kidding, I’ll keep walking, eventually the shrubs and fence will end and I can get over to the sidewalk side…. I’ll keepppwaalkkinngg.. why is there a huge fence? Is it really that tall? I’m sure it’s unlocked, why would a business have a huge fence surrounding it, that’s locked?!?!!! IT’S LOCKED! UGH! I am pretty upset now… just tired and worn out. I throw my purse over the fence to J., and apparently scale said fence with my “ninja-like” skills.. according to the 3 witnesses. I just felt like I needed to get over that fence to get home. I really couldn’t tell you how I did it. Honest. We walk some more, we see BUSES! YAY! We wait in line, we ride the bus, we get home, order room service, drink wine, chat, and sleep. MYGOODNESS what a day!

Our B&R reunion is short lived, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast and headed home. Until next time B&R, until next time. {To which we will have 4 tickets to a futbol match, definitely have walking shoes, and drink ourselves silly.} We were so glad we got to see B&R, and that their honeymoon was going so well. What a great few days, even with the usual Winter hiccups.. it wouldn’t be Sam & J. adventures without them, seriously.

When we moved to Shaw I attended my first “Heart Link” luncheon, where I was introduced to Key Spouses, and what I saw myself doing and enjoying. Key Spouses are a liaison between military spouses and the First Shirt {who reports to the commander}… information, help, guidance, friendship, laughter and tears- those were all things I associated with Key Spouse’ing. Well, here at KB, the Key Spouse {I will refer to it as KS} program has come into full force, and I am stoked. I attended my first KS training on Thursday and literally can not wait to get started! What an amazing group of ladies that we have and what a fantastic opportunity! I’m so excited!

GS Day Camping
You read correctly!
Saturday M&I had a great day planned for our girlies- a Day Camping, How-To. Most of our GS have not been camping before, whereas M&I have gone numerous times and really enjoy the outdoors. We were so excited to do this for our girls, and this was something the girls requested that they get to do! We did this little training day to gear up for our eventual overnight camping expedition, we are not to that level just yet…but with time. The girls helped us set up a tent and we did a nature scavenger hunt… something green, something hard, something brown, something spikey, something cold.. it was so fun to see what the girls came up with! We talked about first-aid while outdoors, we talked about fire safety and how to start a fire..

There were silly stories and games played. We devoured s’mores, like they were going out of style! Some of our girls enjoyed a s’more for the first time, EVER! What a seriously awesome day! We had a blast and I know the girls did too- which was really what it was all about. The girls were so excited and wouldn’t stop asking when we were doing it again, when are we really going to camp. The funniest part, we tried to discuss using the bathroom outdoors…. that didn’t go so well. “Wait, you mean we dig a hole and use that?” “What do we wipe with?” “What if a bug bites my butt?” “I’m supposed to walk outside, in the dark, to use the restroom?” HAHA!!!! We have such a great group of girls!!!


M has been telling since we met how they cook Cornish Game hens.. and they love them! I had never had one, nor cooked on before. I went out on a limb and bought one at the commissary, but it had been sitting in the freezer for a while. Well… I’m not sure what prompted me this fine day to say “Make It!”, but I did. Ohmydeliciousnessinmytummy!
I’m so glad I did! I was thoroughly impressed!

My very first scrapbooking event… with some seriously awesome ladies! Though it’s about an hour drive for me one way, I’m so stoked to get together again! Wine, food, and scrapping… when those 3 things are involved I’m a happy, happy, HAPPY lady!

Hello Spangdahlem VTF! We made the 2 hour drive to get the doggies in for their annual shots and check up.. they both did so well! Riggs did amazing for his blood draw, which I was so excited for! {It’s the small things in life, well, really this was a big deal- since he can be a real turd sometimes..} Following our VTF adventure we made it to their dog park- it is HUGE! They pups were so stoked! Fall is here too folks- look at all those leaves!!!

Today we went to the KB Spooktacular. Our base put together a haunted house {which by my standards was pretty haunted.. a spider fell on my head, Jeff was chasing me through the hauntedness, a few clowns thought it would be funny to laugh hysterically at me..ugh!} and gave candy to the kiddos! It was so sweet to see all the kids dressed up and having a good time!



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