Years Passed

A Month in Review

Hello there…

Shame on me! There’s really no excuse for my lapse in writing.

Right now, it’s too early on a weekend for me to be awake- it’s pouring rain and I have the windows WIDE open, my coffee is warm, and I’m wearing my favorite sweatshirt (you know you have one, it is terribly ratty and hold, but damn if it isn’t perfectly warm)– ready to type my heart out about the last month.

My View Right now.

August 1-5th:


  •  HEAT WAVE! Yes it is still summer, but 96’F is literally killer when you’ve only got standing fans to cool you down! Whew!

  • J. was able to see the AF Chief of staff speak at Spangdahlem, he was really excited. I shopped the BX & Commissary while he stood in ridiculous warm clothes in the sun. Poor guys! He said it was worth it though!
  • I saw a “double daisy” for the first time at the Bree market with my girl friend the other day & picked up a “lemon-scented” geranium?!? It smells just divine! I had to do a little research when I got home… I may of wanted to cook with it- but then I decided against it.

Double daisy, ya’ll!



  • We decided to venture out on a walk with the dogs that Sunday- we followed J.’s lead, which took us a way we had never been but also a way we were a little skeptical of at first. I don’t particularly like walking the busy roads with the dogs, I’m just paranoid- but once we got off the road- wow! We picked just the right time to walk too, the sun was slowly setting & the corn fields looked phenomenal. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures, my arm was being ripped off by Roxie.

  • Monday I rushed to the dentist- my PERMANENT crown came off while I was flossing (the definition of ironic)! That’s a real treat isn’t it. Very frustrating when I think of all the ridiculousness I went through with the Sumter dentist… BUT Brunssum’s dental office was extremely nice & helpful!!! A blessing!


August 6-12th:

  • J. & I wanted to do our “out-to-eat” dinner in town, so we decided to head to the Maaseik centrum. Literally the Netherlands border is a two minute walk from the centrum… it’s just so crazy to me to think about that.


photo 1

Everything is made out of “pancakes” (or what I consider a crepe). I had a Mexican taco pancake that literally tasted like a taco & Jeff had a Pizza pancake (he liked mine better). Dessert lasted a whopping 5 seconds, no exaggeration here. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their mini pancakes- I reckon I’ll have to find a similar recipe because they are perfectly moist, warm, and delicious!

  • That Wednesday was beautifully chilly- 60’F, all the windows were open, the breeze was light, I pulled out my fall candles, I was ready for a nice crock-pot soup. It’s funny, sometimes when I wake up I’ll have an idea of what I might make for dinner or not, just depends. This morning- I knew right away that I had to do a soup to warm our bones from the day. I made a few tweaks to the recipe off Pinterest (Creamy Chicken Chili), and it came out fantastical!Would ya’ll want the recipe? Should I start posting recipes that I do? More so the ones that work…I’ve thought about this for a while, but I’d hate to add too much since I usually write a novel anyway. Tell me what you think- I want to know!

  • Saturday J. & I met up with my girl friend & her husband at Brunssum to clean out the Girl Scout hut. Should I back-track? I decided to help this year as a volunteer leader and cookie manager (which does not mean I get all the cookies- unfortunately) with the Tri-Border Girl Scouts! I’m beyond excited! So… we found out that there’s been a “hut” chilling at this NATO base for some crazy number of years- it needed some TLC for sure. We found GS books from 1972, badges from the 60s, so much camping gear I couldn’t even keep it all straight, files upon files of information, games, CRAFT supplies, more CRAFT supplies- it truly was the mother load of GS awesomeness! We are so glad it’s there, what a huge help for all of the leaders & troops! We got dirty, a little “bugged-out”, and had a few coughing fits but we ended it with good food and grocery shopping!

  • We decided to check out another hiking area that Sunday… without really knowing too much about it we decided to just start walking. Typical story of J.

    The map we found… know what I mean when I say “yellow-brick-road” now. Always an adventure!

    & Sam- lets just try it & see what happens.. we won’t end up walking for 4 hours and not know where we are while the sun is setting and there is not a light post in sight… needless to say the “yellow-brick-road” is approximately 12.5 KM, and we found that out a little later than we wanted to. We managed to find a map before it got dark, back-tracked and decided to refer to the map before we did that walk again. The wonderful thing about the trails around here, there are usually 3 different trails- an “easy”, “medium”, and “hard”. We just decided to do the hard trail without actually realizing it.. oops!

August 13-18th:

  • So I found this idea on Pinterest.. writing the History of Me. It’s exactly like it sounds- here’s the link:

    History of Me Writing

    Basically it gives you an outline as to what to include in your writing. Well- I started it on Tuesday & I am having so much fun! I decided to make it into a scrap-book of sorts, mainly so I can include embarrassing photos and documents for my children, grand-children and whoever else wants to read it. Not to mention, it definitely gets my brain working- reminiscing and thinking. Truth: I found my 5th grade teacher from Texas on Facebook, want to know why? Because the outline asks what teachers influenced you, she was one of them- I had to tell her! Crazy technology, right!

  • Wednesday was our first leadership meeting for GS- I met some pretty awesome ladies! I am very excited for a great GS year, honest. I’m going to learn so much!

  • KB put together a London bus trip, open to any or all who wanted to take advantage of the bus for a steal of a deal at 20euro per person! We packed on Thursday & headed out early Friday morning. I won’t give you a play-by-play on the bus, but I will tell you that the AC stopped working & it was still very warm outside. We were CRANKY! We get to the ferry dock in France-

…the ferry was so big it looked like a cruise ship! I’ve never been on a ferry nor have I seen a ferry this size before! Wow! I’m thinking there will be chairs for us to sit in and that’s about it. The inside is like a cruise ship- there is an arcade for kids, 4 restaurants/bars, special seating areas where you can recline your seat back like a La-Z-Boy! What?!!?? I was a little surprised to say the least. J., a friend, & I ventured outside to see the boat.


 We arrive, the bus driver is a CRAZY driver- we are dropped off in front of Westminster Abbey and bid adieu until Sunday! After our long bus ride, and the ferry we needed a change of clothes & to check into the hotel. We ate pub food, debated what we would like to do while walking the streets and stumbled upon a theatre playing a show called “39 Steps”, a British comedy. Comedy it was! There were only four actors, no special effects, and roughly six props for the entire show. An example of the greatness- when the wind would blow, the actors/actress would shake their coats or dress to make it seem like the wind was blowing. On the “train”, they moved around like a train was traveling on tracks.. just awesome acting! So glad we happened to stop!

39 Steps   <—check out this website, it will tell you more!

  • Good morning London! We enjoyed a croissant filled breakfast at the hotel and headed out on the town! We walked through Regent Park, which reminds me of the movies. Enjoyed the London Zoo for part of the morning.


The monkey exhibit was completely open- these guys were running all over the place! It was pretty amazing!

We took a cab to the Hard Rock Café for lunch where Jeff enjoyed a very messy but delicious pulled pork sandwich & I had a nice juicy hamburger! We showed up for our Houses of Parliament tour, which was a part of our base packet- very informative! Our guide was very in love with Parliament and all it’s glory, you could tell by the way she talked about everything.

We ate MORE pub food before heading to Wicked!!!! Now, I’ve never seen Wicked or read the book- Jeffrey had seen it before, but took one for the team so I could finally see it.

The actress who played Elphaba was absolutely astounding! Every time she sang, I had goose-bumps! It was a great show, and we had really good seats for the price we paid! We headed back to the hotel, a long and great day!

  • Sunday- Whew, the bus ride was long and hot- again… HOME SWEET HOME.

August 19-24th:

  • We attended our usual Tuesday night B-I-N-G-O game, the winning board was $1,000- which is pretty much why we’ve been going this whole time. Someone won, actually a guest of a player, which was too funny. We had fun.

  • I did some baking on Thursday for BAF (Belgian American Friend) Day on Friday. They requested “American” desserts.. well, I figured Apple Pie and Cherry Cobbler were about as American as I could get..

 I had not made either one this way before, but they sure smelled amazing! I did not taste either one- so I hoped for the best!

  • BAF DAY! So the base does this day every year, so that the Belgians and American can get together- have fun and socialize. This includes all military members as well as the Belgians and Americans in the community- which I thought was wonderful. Our landlords came!!!! There was American food, Belgian beer, Belgian ice cream, a missile toss game, a car show, some corn hole, a few pie-in-the-faces, and of course the dunking game (our land-lord paid to throw a ball to dunk J., he succeeded!).


Lady Liberty made an appearance too! It was a fun day! Hot, very hot- but fun. We have some very wonderful Belgian friends that we got to hang out with, it was great.

  • That Saturday we had a BBQ for the Officers, we had a few new people come over our way and we wanted everyone to meet and hang out! J. made some of his amazing ribs, some tequila lime wings, a few burgers and hot dogs too. I tried two new recipes- fresh corn salad (um, YUM!) and mandarin orange cream salad. We had so much food, and spent some time with really great people! There was a game of catch phrase, where I tried VERY hard not to embarrass J. too badly in front of his co-workers, again. I only stood up once, and I DID NOT throw the game at anyone. We had fun!

August 25-31st:

  • Friday we made a trip to the Belgian Embassy, I had to change my passport since it has my maiden name on it. We were in and out of the passport office in a total of 15 minutes, AWESOMETACULAR! Really though. Pretty sure we had a few dirty looks.. but we made an appointment online- definitely doing that if we have to go back! Since we were there and it’s a bit of a drive we decided to make a day of it… we had breakfast at Panon by their small market..


 ..where I proceeded to eat my apple turnover and break my temporary crown.. UGH!

We did a bit more walking, talking, and browsing before we headed home. Jeff had a basketball game that night, and we wanted to be home in time. They WON– 51 to 30 something.. I stopped keeping track.

  • Saturday we made a trip to get groceries and stopped at IKEA so I could pick up some frames- I purchased three pictures in London that I wanted to get matching frames for. We left with the frames, a large underground picture and a night stand that matches our bedroom… our usual trip to IKEA, leave with more than we thought- but we fit in the car, so that’s important.



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