Years Passed

Sunshine for Days

Well, good morning! 

I have to admit, I’m really no good to anyone before my morning coffee and truly I’m a bit of a sassy-don’t-talk-to-me-yet-moody-pants before my morning coffee… but these past few days I’ve enjoyed touching my feet to the cold tiled floor. Sounds a little weird, right? It’s refreshing lately in the AM to see the dew on the grass and feel the cold breeze coming in through the windows… it gives me hope during the scorching hot day that soon it won’t be so unbearably hot anymore.

I’ll start a little differently this time around:

18th: J. took me to see “The Heat”, a movie with Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy- it was hilarious! Not just Sam hilarious, but really hilarious. So much so that there were parts of the movie that weren’t supposed to be funny, but I was still laughing from the scene before. J. may of stated that he wasn’t sure why he came to the movie with me… I didn’t ask what that meant, because I was laughing too hard and crying laughing tears. True story. (I would not recommend this movie if you are offended by the F-word, just a heads up.)

19th:  So… I attempted to make beer chicken in the crock-pot, not my best idea. It was not good. It wasn’t anything really, it was just goopy chicken. Thanks a lot Pinterest, for teaching me a recipe I will NOT try again. In essence- PINTEREST FAIL.

20th: We made another trip to IKEA, does that surprise any of you that know us? Honestly. Once again, we did our usual walk-through of the clearance department. We needed 2 twin box springs, a bed frame, and some stain for my DIY project. They had twin box springs- with legs (i.e. bed frame). See- the funny part, getting them to fit in the Rav4.. haha. Thankfully J. is the puzzle-finagler King. We managed. The drive home, we looked rather funny driving and riding- but we got home with no rain and safe with the box springs! We were able to put our new bed together, Split King- think it’s enough room for the 4 of us? Yes, I did say 4 of us…. Roxie, Riggs, J. & I. We all fit, and it’s awesome to have room!

22nd: This was a side project I’ve been talking about doing and finally did when we got the stain I wanted…

BEFORE: left, AFTER: right picture

Before sanding + stain (Left), After the fun stuff (Right)

Originally I was thinking of doing a red stain- but this color blue spoke to me a little more. There was a very good lesson from this project: DO NOT sand anything in a bedroom. Here I was thinking it might be easier to leave the dresser in the room (since it weights a ton, and I wasn’t going to be able to take it down 3 flights of stairs), put up protecting paper, sand, clean.. all is good. NO! No, no- it really didn’t work out quite that way. There was sawdust everywhere, in every possible crevasse and baseboard, on the wall, EVERYWHERE. Silly girl and her ridiculous notions! After a 1/2 a day of clean-up I was able to start staining, finally. It’s about 95% done, I just need to finish the clear-coat & find some fun knobs! What do you think? I think the blue came out really fun!

 26th: I think one of the many things that I will miss about Europe will be the daily markets. The fun part is that every town does a different day- so if you chose, you can see a market every day of the week! Sunday farmer’s market too! My girl friend, her son, & I went to the market this morning. I love fresh veggies and fruit, honest. There’s just something about them that brings a smile to your face. I tried yellow kiwi- my fruit lady said they are sweeter than regular kiwis- she was right. They are good, but almost too sweet- I like my regular kiwi better. At least I tried them, right!?!? I’ve also made a big decision to assist my girl friend with her Girl Scout troop this year..I’m super excited! It’s my first experience with Girl Scouts, and I think it’s going to be a blast! You are never too old to be a Girl Scout, right?

J. & I decided to check out a Greek restaurant in Genk (about a 15 minute drive from our house) for dinner, but they are closed for renovations until August, so we drove a few more blocks and stopped at what we thought was an Italian restaurant. We thought it was an Italian restaurant because the sign on the side of the building said “ITALIAN”.. no, it wasn’t Italian.

But it was good, a little different set-up.. you pick your food, the “boss” grills it, you eat. Different.

27th: J. was working very, very, very hard on finishing up the pallet headboard…

Finished product! Looks super!!!

J. worked so very hard, and it looks awesome. We are so stoked that it’s done &  how it looks. Love that we share such a passion and admiration for DIY projects.. there’s a real joy in looking at a project and knowing that you did that.

J. mentioned doing a 100-mile walk next year in the Netherlands. It’s open to military, but also to civilians… so we’ve decided to partake in this interesting venture. Yes, it’s just a walk- but it’s a very long walk that will take some training. Sunday was the start of training, for me. Here’s the website if ya’ll are interested in more information:

I’m pretty stoked!

29th: I finished up our Home sign.. it will always be a work in progress- and right now I’m waiting on the right rope to use. Every base we go to, I’ll add another wooden sign with the name of the base and where it’s at. It is simple, but I like that we can show the places we’ve been.



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