Years Passed

Love & Fun

Look at what was finished last Tuesday…

Happy Riggs enjoying the sun and the grass!
Everybody is just as excited, PLAY TIME!

The Fence!
Ohmygosh! The kiddos were running around like crazy and J. too! Haha. It’s been such a joy to see them run free, literally- run! They are so happy, WE are so happy!! Yay!



There was some bingo on Wednesday, but no wins for us. We enjoy the fun and the thrill. J. even bought 2 sets, thinking it might help us win.. nope. I struggle a bit- so many numbers, little cards, and they are calling those numbers quickly!

That’s a load of BINGO cards, geez!

I’ve become fascinated with a new Facebook group that my girlfriend introduced me to, it’s basically a FB group where you can post items you don’t want and sell them- like a garage sale of sorts. Well my girlfriend and I took a little road-trip to the Netherlands and Germany to pick up some items that we purchased- we found a futon for a deal & she found a super nice European-friendly freezer! Good things happening! I did some re-organizing in the office and storage containers- made the futon fit, and I really like it! I’ve been holed up here doing some scrap-booking, photo editing/organizing, and just plain FUN.

Friday was a busy & fun day!! My girlfriend and I visited the Bree market- I had the intention of getting some flowers for our front yard, and boy did I find some flowers! I bought some campanula’s- which are a beautifully bright blue/purple colored flower and I also bought some pink, fuchsia, and white geraniums. I purchased 2 hanging baskets and unfortunately I can not tell you exactly what’s in them… but they sure are pretty! Well- after dropping off that at home I headed to base for their flight BBQ. We had some steak, some delicious cupcakes, some spicy beans, and snacks. Food is always good!

Following the BBQ there was Family Feud. This particular event was put together by J.’s flight- who had the responsibility this month to organize and feed us for the “Hello/Goodbye luncheon”. Probably the BEST outfit for Family Feud director, right?!? I somehow got roped into playing- it wasn’t pretty or easy. There was some debate about answers…. just saying.

We feed the babes- and headed out again for some poker and more food. It’s been a grip since Texas Hold ‘Em was a part of my routine.. a very long time. I managed to win some and lost it all again. Next time- my poker shades will make an appearance. Haha. It was a good fun.

Saturday was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l out and we took advantage of that. We went shopping for pallets- to finish our DIY headboard, and the first place was a bu

These guys were saying HELLO while we were loading up the pallets.

st for buying them but we did find some more flowers there. We went to another place and they were basically giving them away!!! Not the best pallets- but we wanted some worn and old pallets and they are going to work wonderfully. There was a nasty splinter that occurred- J.’s thumb will probably never be the same, but we are so happy we were able to find them. We cleaned up the yard, swept, gardened, and J. went through ALL of his brand-new saw blades cutting up the pallets… busy man!!

Sunday we enjoyed the outdoors and some great company. We made kabobs for the first time since we’ve been here- oh yum! My girlfriend and her family came over- we ate delicious food, played a NON-stop game of corn-hole, enjoyed yummy dessert (which my girlfriend brought), and partook in some Monopoly.

Today there was a bake-sale, wing cook-off, garage-sale & silent action to raise money for an upcoming base event. Busy day, huh? Well- J. and I both signed up for some stuff. There were oatmeal-cranberry-cherry-& white chocolate chip-cookies, super-soft-sugar-cookies, ooey-gooey-homemade-brownies, and lastly some cherry-bread. Our amazing landlords brought over a tremendous amount of hand-picked fresh cherries from their tree, across the street. How adorable, right?! After pitting over 200 cherries- I only used about a cup of them. I’m going to have to come up with some more recipes! It was a long day spent in the kitchen, whew. J.made some mojito-lime wings and a small batch of chipotle-paprika wings.. they were YUMMY! (I sampled a few of the wings before I packed them up before heading to base…) 

My writing assistant.



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