Celebrations & Travel

It’s July already- what happened to June or May? Goodness!

It’s been nice lately- so we decided to take the dogs for a walk on Tuesday- to the “Cafeteria” park, yes that’s the name we’ve dubbed for our new foodie place.

It was a little breezy, and the bugs were out full force- but the trails looked like they went on for miles. It was wonderful to get some fresh air, and tire out the pups.

There might have been a debate on the haunted-ness of this place and whether or not we could live there.

I also made ham in the crock-pot which was my first attempt at ham, EVER. With some brown sugar, pineapple, and pineapple juice- I was smelling the deliciousness all day long! I left it on low-medium for a scosh bit too long so it was a bit dry, but we still ate it. Can I just say- we had pulled ham sandwiches the next day with a little BBQ sauce- um, YUMMY!!!!!

Wednesday we went to our friend’s house for food, a holiday craft, beer, and just plain fun. My girlfriend made delicious chicken enchiladas in the crock-pot, the craft is as follows:         

My girlfriend found the idea on Pinterest, of course, we gathered up the supplies (which were super easy to find at our local euro store, score!) and here we are! The guys were adamant that the “stripe” numbers were off and if it was supposed to be politically correct there should be 50 stars.. blah blah blah. We did our wreaths a little different than one another, but they both came out wonderfully. I’ve got a few tweaks to make- but I love it!

We also had our FIRST experience with the card game- Cards Against Humanity- ohmygoodnessgracious. It’s hilarious, it’s raunchy, it’s wrong, it’s insanely ridiculous- everything all rolled in to one. I can’t even really explain. There was laughter, a few choice words (by me), some mumbles, a lot of “what?!?!”‘s, and more laughter. Great night!

For the 4th Jeff and I made some hamburgers and enjoyed a movie at home. We really missed the celebration and fireworks of the holiday- we really missed home. It was a nice night and low-key.

Happy Birthday America!

On Friday we left for Brugge for a short and sweet weekend away. This was sort of a spur-of-the-moment decision, and we decided to take the dogs along. Everything we looked at said that the hotels and town are very dog friendly, great!

Now- Brugge is only a 2.5 hour car ride, no biggie, right?!?
I’m going to try and explain the events of Friday afternoon with coherent words and phrases:

-We are packed and ready to go.
-Everyone is in the car.
-We’re driving, I’m feeling “ok”, a little woozy and the dogs are acting super excited and antsy. Which isn’t unusual when we first get in the car, so we weren’t thinking much of it.
-We hit traffic. The dogs are getting more & more antsy, attempting to get up front with me, I’m on the verge of losing my stomach, it’s warm, the cars are not moving.
-We get to a slow crawl. The dogs are quiet for a moment. I’ve warned J. that if I say to pull over, to do so quickly.
-I hear a sound, the sound of liquid- hitting a surface…
– Roxie is sort of just sitting there like: “oh crap, is that happening”?
– I’m yelling, heaving, Riggs is walking all over the pee area, now I’m crying, I’m yelling more, crying a lot and sniffling a lot…
– J. is composed, he pulls over, takes out some blankets, we let the dogs out to pee (Riggs pees a river, AGAIN), I’m wiping up my face (nose and all), we load up again, and we’re off.
– We arrive, we need food & drinks. FOOD & DRINKS!

 Aside from some choice stares from the pedestrians (who I think were SURE that R&R might eat them alive) we were able to check in to the hotel, get the dogs set up. The hotel was in the heart of downtown- surrounded by restaurants!!!

Our next stop De Gulden Spoor, translation: The Golden Spoon. We ordered a bottle of the house white wine and some grub. Oh how I love some shrimp scampi!! J.’s steak was legit with home-made garlic butter and just beautifully juicy. After finishing up the wine (and coffee for me) we headed to the shops and more restaurants. For the first time since arriving in Belgium I saw: The Body Shop, H&M (with normal people sizes), and an assortment of European stores. Yay!!!

It is a great atmosphere- people milling and laughing, children running around, horse drawn carriages, bike riders, tourists with different dialects and languages. What a beautiful melting pot.



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