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Germany Excursions

Our training excursion in Germany is as follows:

Sunday the Funday: we packed up our suitcases, a snack bag, and our bowling balls. J. had a managerial training course at Ramstein for the week- & I chose to tag along!


Monday a Driveday: We dropped the fur-babies off at a local kennel, and drove our hearts out. Germany is so incredibly green and picturesque. There are better words to describe Germany- but right now they elude me.

We arrived at Voegelweh Air Base, just a 10 minute drive from Ramstein (the largest European base there is… I’ll elaborate later).  It was a long drive and we were ready for a drink and some food! The Irish Pub is the place to be for drinks and food at Voegelweh! Following some drinks- a delectable schnitzel burger (it really was a very delicious burger) and a Philly cheese steak sandwich we headed back to the room and promptly slept.


Tuesday was a Shoppingday:

This color, these fixtures- I felt like I was in an episode of Mad Men & I kind of liked it, a lot.

Tuesday morning started out a little rough- I managed to BREAK the coffee decanter. Great! Housekeeping was awesome and brought a new one.. but I’m not allowed to say or do anything until there’s caffeine in my system.



       I was completely blown away at the size of Ramstein’s BX- I should say M.A.L.L! J. kept telling me how big it was, I just kept saying “sure, sure”... it is huge. Let me just say this: there are more fast-food restaurants at their BX than there were in the city of Sumter, SC. There were more stores in their mall than I’ve seen in 6 months. Some shopping, a Starbucks coffee, and more shopping I met up with J. after his training class at Macaroni Grill.

We went back to our “watering-hole” the Irish Pub and had a few drinks and played some pool. Of course, J. won- no surprise. I will let ya’ll know, I actually played LEFT handed and seemed to do alright. It’s going to take some practice. Hence the gentle prodding from J. for a pool table.


Wednesday Italian-Yummyday: So- before we left for Germany I wasn’t feeling 100% myself and Wednesday during the day sort of hitched that up a gear. So I spent some time chillaxing while J. was at training.

Then there was this moment…J. had a hankering to teach me how drive manual…

I was able to get out of first gear, drive up to second gear, park, reverse, and drive for about 6 minutes. Hear me now- I will not be driving a manual car anytime soon. I was scared, sweaty- even with the windows down, and kept telling J. not to laugh- and he did great. Of course frustration came into play a few times, but we manged to get through it.  J. is a great teacher- I’m just not the ideal student when it comes to learning from my husband. There’s just something about my comprehensive level being capped when I get mad at my husband. Hmmm..

For dinner that night we met up with some dear friends at Garibaldi’s, a wonderful Italian restaurant. I’m upset that I didn’t get any pictures- I wish I would’ve had some of our friends!! It was a great evening- great people, awesome food, and much needed chats.


Thursday Chili’skindaday: J. got out of training early and we went back to the BX and did some light shopping. Shopping made us hungry so we hit up Chili’s. Two American restaurants in a row- holy smokes. We enjoyed beer and good food.


Friday Drivehomeday: we headed the direction of home, made a few stops along the way for dog food-lunch-and some small items. It was a long drive.. and we were glad to see the love-children and sleep in our own bed! We unpacked and relaxed with our babies.


Happy Birthday Andrew! 

Having a twin is great- but it’s having such a great brother that’s even better, 27 years “duddy”– wow! Enjoy your day brother, I’m so glad we could chat and see one another.

It was a great day, thank you all who sent birthday wishes my way. J. pampered me, we did some DIY projects, and ate a delicious dinner (thank you my love for cooking & cleaning).


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