Years Passed

Catching Up

So here’s the scoop-

We had a dinner with the home-owner and Landlords, part of our new Belgian “Family” last week Tuesday. We wanted to impart some of our favorite dishes (J.’s ribs particularly) and it was delicious. Smokey, chipotle spiced, bar-b-que rubbed tender ribs; home-made cheesy macaroni, the kind that has tendrils of cheese hanging from the spoon; yellow Belgian mashed potatoes; and followed up with sweet pineapple and tart cherries covered with a simple crumble. I am proud of our American dishes, and I think everyone enjoyed them just as much as we enjoyed making them. MMM good.


There are a few bars around our place. I’m referring to those bars where there’s a lingering of stale cigarette smoke in the air, your shoes stick slightly to the floor, and everyone knows everyone…well, except for us. On Wednesday we decided to do our usual “night-out”, and we

Pax Pills- the locally brewed beer. Kriek is a Belgian cherry beer, it’s crisp and delightful.


headed out the front door and walked down the road. Our decision to check out what we thought was a bar/restaurant was actually only a bar- much like the one I described previously. The very nice bartender instructed us to “walk down the way and turn right”. Okie dokie. We meandered out the door, took a right and started on a cobble-stone path, leading to no-where-that-we-knew-of. Hmm.We veered to the right, and then there was a beautiful clearing. A small place, named The Cafeteria was calling our hungry stomachs. A few beers later and some schnitzel and spaghetti bolognese and we had a new place to enjoy the sun and good food.

Saturday we decided to get out of the house. We (by that I mean, I) were trolling Facebook and saw someone talking about Beeldig Lommel, which is a yearly picture festival. Let me explain, when you think of a picture festival imagine a character that you know from a story, a movie, a picture from time. Now see that individual turned into “real-life”, one where they move or potentially dance or talk. The time it took to get into character must have taken hours upon hours- the makeup, the scenery, the props, the acting. It was impressive and exciting!


It was a nice day when we started out, and just as we were getting ready to leave- the wind decided to pick up and we knew we were ready to head home. What a fun day!



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