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Novel Proportions



Thursday:    ..yes!!! We packed the two of us into a small (yes, I mean very small) carry-on bag for 4 days, leashed the pups, and headed to their kennel and then the airport! We had a late flight  to get into Cambridge, England. We drank a few, had dinner, flew & slept, arrived, took our very first train in England to the station by our friend’s house.
It was a late evening, but we were stoked for the next couple of days!!!!!


Friday:   We are in England! No seriously, it was sort of amaze-sauce. We slept in a little, and took a nice walk to downtown Cambridge. Apparently the very happening area.. Miller Street- and had lunch at a delicious seafood shop. You know we had to have fish & chips! It was greasy (in all the best ways), full of flavor, and generally delicious!

I went a little picture crazy.

After lunch we headed into London, our first Underground experience as a married couple- and we rocked it like we knew what we were doing. It’s funnier when you think of how terrible I am with direction, but I was actually quite comfortable with the Underground… we wanted to end up at Westminster Abbey and that we did. We took in Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace.

We headed to the National Gallery (oh my, wow!)– and we walked around for some time. It’s truly a sight to see, the paintings are just phenomenal. Truly a great experience.

We ate dinner at Garfunkels and then headed over to see Spamalot!!! It was funny- and I haven’t actually seen the movies. We really enjoyed that they did a lot of ad-libbing and it truly made the performance that much more unique and fun. I wish we knew that dressing up was applauded, and you could get in for free, we would have truly gone all out with outfits fit for the play! I have to say,  J. is questioning our marriage as we speak due to my inferior movie knowledge. I have a feeling Monty Python is in my very near future.


Enjoying lunch & some wine.

Saturday:   We slept in again, yay! We headed back into London and had lunch at a “bite-size” bar by Her Majesties Theater, which is where we saw Phantom of The Opera. I’d like to make a side note, right here: I have never seen Phantom- no movies, no musicals, no plays, no readings.. nothing. How do I know the songs? My husband- true story folks. I’m grateful, he’s a man of amazing taste- because Phantom was great. I loved the young lady who played Christine, I had goose-bumps the entire time she sang! We wanted to catch Tower of London and the Tower Bridge before leaving- so we hoped on the tube and walked around

Tower of London

for about 45 minutes. Back in Cambridge we dined and drank with our friend at a bar called Free Press…

The evening ended with my befriending four American student-teachers, bar hopping, and a cab ride home. I plead the fifth on any further questions or statements regarding Saturday evening’s events.




Sunday:   Haymaker’s- the best place for some greasy and delicious hangover food. Seriously, the best burger I’ve ever had.. not sure if it was because of the meat or the bread- but wow! We

Greasy, yummy, FOOD!

walked off the rest of our delicious meal when we headed downtown for Cambridge’s Country Festival. Lots of vendors, beer, food, and tons of fun games. We saw some great animals!!! We even played 9 holes of putt-putt, right! We enjoyed a night in with our friend and a bon-fire to end the evening.

Festival Entrance

Love me some Newfoundlands!

Monday:   ..and we left Cambridge at the crack of dawn. That being said- the airport was INSANE. That doesn’t even do justice to the commotion that was taking place at 4:45 am in the airport! Seriously. Maybe I was a little testy with no caffeine- but I swear the security agent picked us out of the crowd to poke at. I will save you the entire story- because I’m in a good mood and I’d hate to ruin that by recalling the entirety of events through the security check-point. Needless to say- my purse MUST have secret pockets holding liquids, my phone was a potential hazard, and this security agent truly hated me- NO JOKE!

So……… you know the scene in Home Alone 1- where Kevin’s family is running through the airport in order to catch their plane to Paris. It’s a very Hollywood type run, and it’s almost elegant. The same can not be said of J. & Sam running through the airport at 5:50 am (our flight was BOARDING, right now, this second) shin’s were on fire, words were said and screamed, hair flying in every which direction, more words were said, heavy breathing… I mean it was beyond disgraceful. Honestly. LUCKILY– we paid the extra 14 euro for priority boarding and we arrived within minutes of said boarding… WHEW!!!! Just recalling the airport moments has my heart doing some excessive pitter-patters.


Heaven welcomed another angel last week- you are forever in our hearts Grandma Bette, dance the night away!


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