Years Passed


On Saturday I accompanied a friend and her son to the Margraten American Cemetery & Memorial- to help the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts with the placement of flags for the ceremony on Sunday. I have never been to a memorial like this before… I was astonished, heart-broken, amazed, tearful, quiet, and pretty much all sorts of emotions rolled into one.

A few things:

  • Margraten is located in the Netherlands (it is not the only cemetery- we found that nifty little fact out after we arrived at the WRONG cemetery before finding the correct one… SSSHHHH.)
  •  There are 8,301 individuals buried at Margraten.
  •  Margraten IS the ONLY cemetery, of all 24 others, where 100% of the graves have been adopted. You heard right ya’ll- this just blew my mind and grew my heart at the same time. They have been adopted by the families and individuals throughout the Netherlands- some of which have been passed down for generations. How amazing is that? Honestly!

The BS&GS did an amazing job and it was fun to help them. What a wonderfully emotional experience.



J. and some the members in his flight were asked to attend as helpers and to stand during the ceremony on Sunday.
There were some very emotional words said, prayers prayed, and remembrance moments during the ceremony. Though terrible weather, it was an experience to have been able to witness all of it. I wish I could do the ceremony true justice- but I can’t, because what I say won’t be right.


J. had the day off today so we headed to the outlet mall by our place, which has more than 100 boutiques! Um, wow! Some very nice and high-end stores. It was a beautiful day to walk the outlets and soak up the sun.

Then… we started on our DIY Pallet bar. Don’t be jealous, just know that we are SUPER excited. It’s going to take some time and effort but it’s going to be totally worth it. Next- the DIY Pallet Headboard. Right!!! We are sort of ridiculous.. per usual.








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