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Well- it’s been a bit dreary lately… I’m officially making it a rule that we will be OUTSIDE when it’s sunny. No joke.

Last Thursday I was able to hang some of my “precious” picture frames upstairs. So silly that it’s such a big deal to me- but it really is. There’s something about looking at a wall, full of the memories and moments you were able to capture. With my terrible memory- this is sort of fun for me to recall that moment when we took a romantic, laughable,  or serious picture. Seeing family and loved ones- I’m that sentimental. It’s true.

BIG, BIG day on Friday ya’ll. Seriously. We needed to do some heavy grocery shopping for our Saturday event.. (more on that later), and with the inspection- J. was at work and here I was twiddling my thumbs at home. I’m going to state a few facts before I continue with this eventful Friday..

1) I’m quite certain my road-rage was passed on from my father. This is a compliment, of course, I love you dad. Even the road-rage expert might be shocked at the words the fly from my father’s mouth while driving the highways and streets of Michigan… I’ll admit, the same can be said of me when I drive- ANYWHERE. So there’s road-rage that was inherited.

2) I have some anxiety when driving in places that are packed with moving traffic or in places that I’m not familiar with… something along the lines of hyper-ventilation, heart racing, sweaty palms-face-and armpits (TMI).. oh-yea, we are talking the whole shoot & match here folks. So much anxiety that sometimes I won’t sleep fully the night before because I’m thinking about all of the things that might happen. Not a phobia- but we’re getting close here. So there’s road anxiety.

3) I am NOT direction oriented- ya’ll know this, I say it openly and proudly- so others know not to expect me to know which direction N, S, E, or W is and just tell me forward, backward, left or right. So then we’re faced with the fact that I rely pretty heavily on a GPS and my IPhone, so if said items are telling me to go Left, guess what- I’m going freaking Left ya’ll… even if it’s the most ass-backward-longest-route-with-detours sort of way. (I have to laugh, because I got lost trying to find Denver International Airport- after living in Colorado for 9 years- with one of my sister-in-laws in the car.. oh wow!) So there’s the directional issue.

..and the decision was made that I, Samantha Winter, would venture out into the Belgian world and get groceries and make a small trip to IKEA for a lamp, some window coverings, and a few miscellaneous items. I put on my Big-Girl-Pants that morning, took J. to work (with no mishaps) and made my way home to finish getting ready. I’m ready. I’m in the car. The GPS is routing my route for IKEA. I have water. I’m not anxious yet. I start driving. Things are great. I’m jamming to some Belgian tunes (I really have no idea what they were saying half the time, but “Walking on Sunshine” came on and I was so excited). I arrive at IKEA. Eat breakfast. Shop. Gear up for grocery shopping. GPS that address. Get back on the road. Drive. Arrive. Do my thing. Get geared up for the trip home. Driving. Not recognizing the way the GPS wants me to go. A little anxious. Take said exit. Drive. DETOUR. What? DETOUR. Ok. Left turn. Nope- it’s a ONE WAY. Re-Calculating. Re-Calcutlating.What? Crap. Turn Left. Ok. Is this a one-way? Driving. Anxious. Small road. Cobble-stone-road. Driving. Round-about. Went around two and half times. Driving. HOME. Sweet-baby-Jesus ya’ll… I was so proud of myself for making the trip to IKEA and Shinnen and the way home just blew me out of the big-girl pond.

End of Friday. Thank goodness!

Saturday we celebrated the END of the Inspection! Whoo-hoo!!! Seriously. It was a rough week for everyone at the base, and they all needed a moment to forget about work and just socialize and have a good time. There was

These beauties were a house-warming gits. So vibrant!

catch-phrase (to which I was slightly ridiculous and might of threatened an individual who works with J., described the word “strangle” a little to thoroughly, and got pretty heated about rules and points awarded to the wrong team..) and great food! It was awesome to meet most of our Belgian family and their little-ones (BABIES!)– we are so very lucky to have great people. I should have taken pictures- shame on me.

Last night we attended a dinner for our sponsors going-away.. a very delicious and authentic Italian place called Odiziana’s. The name of the restaurant is actually his daughter’s name. Very good food and great company! We were so lucky that Brandon was our sponsor here in Belgium! Yay for his new adventures though! Such is military life…

What an atmosphere!

..and we’ve come full circle. Today is my stay-in-jammies-catch-up-on-reading-and-watch-rizzoli-&-isles-with-tea kind of day (it’s also dreary today- the blue skies are trying to peak through the clouds). There are also PROMOTION cupcakes in the works as well and some cleaning house. Pictures of tomorrow will be posted ASAP! I’m so proud of J.! This is actually the very first promotion ceremony where we will be in the same state/country- true words. He’s been deployed or at training for the last few.



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