Years Passed

Green Thumb & Some


Goede Morgen!

I’m sipping my Chai Latte- since I’ve had two cups of my coffee- I figured I’d better lay-low…these past couple of days have been L-O-N-G, the whole base is in an exercise right now. Which essentially means that they are worked to the bone and are super-duper tired at the end of a 12 hour day. Who wouldn’t be super tired at the end of a 12 hour day? I am and I didn’t do anything…

A few quips and then it’s back to taking things down to the dungeon to stuff them somewhere so no one can see the mess- unless they are actually supposed to go down there somewhere, then I might actually feel a little better about this enormous pile of stuff.

So..I had been telling J. that I was looking forward to potentially doing a vegetable/herb garden for the first time, EVER… but I was nervous to spend the money for such an elaborate idea if it went south (given my lack of experience, you just never know..) Well… our last trip to IKEA (no, we haven’t gone again in a while..) turned up a lovely chance to try our hand at some herb/vegetable growing. IKEA had these boxes of different plants and all of the directions and ingredients were included… so we got four- we decided it would be a competition.

Top row: J.’s Tomato & Basil and Coriander & Red Chilies

Second row: J.’s same plants but 1 week later

Third row: Sam’s Zucchini & Parsley and Bell Pepper & Thyme

Fourth row: Sam’s same plants but 1 week later

So the competition started & we were excited!

As of recent our little veggies are looking good ya’ll! J.’s are growing like there’s no tomorrow and my Zucchini was transplanted to it’s own pot two days ago! I do have to admit, though it’s difficult for me to, J.’s plants are growing at a much faster rate and there seems to be more of them…. IT’S NOT OVER YET!!! That’s what I keep saying- they’re just seedlings, we need to see if they actually produce what we want. Then we can decide who is the TRUE Green Thumb in this marriage….

On Friday we decided to go out- we’ve made an agreement to go out at least once a week to experience the culture and the food (seriously, we have not ordered a meal that we didn’t like). Well- add beer to that and then it’s the whole truth. We realized while driving last week that Opitter is bigger than we thought, and we made a promise to explore it more. Well, we did. There was a restaurant that we wanted to try that’s only a minute walk from the house, but sort of hidden off a road… Brouserhuis. I am one of those people takes pictures of absolutely everything- including every freakin meal we eat.
J. had a ham&cheese with Bolognese sauce and I had a “Hawaiian” which was ham&cheese with pineapple. We didn’t actually know that it was ham&cheese…but still! The waitress/owner’s daughter was awesome and super helpful! Think of a log cabin that’s perfected with age and add a bar and some tables- but keep the atmosphere- that’s this place. Our new favorite! Yay!

So- we aren’t getting another vehicle right now, but I needed a means of transportation. Since Belgium is so bike-friendly, we decided the answer was a BIKE, for Sam.
What do you think of my new ride?!?? I love my sun-flower bags! I need a new seat (as my most recent adventure emphasized the lack of padding), but I’m so stoked! So… we were at the bike store and we took a BRIGHT RED bike outside to test- I can still hear J. laughing but trying to tell me how to ride a bike again. Yes- it’s been a while. I’d like to add, this area was small, the bike was way too tall, and I was wearing non-bike-riding-shoes (whatever). I know how to ride a bike, but seriously, the bike was too tall- I had no means to stop and reach the ground without basically falling. I was pretty bummed, since the BRIGHT RED color and style was totally Samworthy…but then we found my current wheels and all is well!

Mother’s Day was good- Jeffrey made the BEST omelettes to date. There were about 5 dozen peanut butter cookies made by moi (the wives suggested we do a cookie bake for the guys since the inspection is so wearing- they needed some cheering up..)– and a few actually made it to their final destination. Surprisingly no cookie pictures.

Yesterday I rode into town, only a 20 minute ride! I grabbed some fresh produce and made this delish meal for dinner. *Mini meatloaves! YUM!



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