Years Passed


We walked into our NEW home and saw this preciously-delightful-and so very thoughtful gift from our land-lords. How incredibly awesome are they?! We are already very grateful for such wonderful people.

House plant & Belgian beer! They already know us so well!!!


Welcome to
7 Bolderweg, Opitter Belgium

The movers arrived and we were ready to party! Yay! A few hiccups, but really nothing we couldn’t handle or replace (2 bookshelves, a few Rubbermaid containers) and we are very thankful for that. All of the guys were nice and spoke as much English as they could- which was helpful. We unloaded a whopping 7 crates in five hours… maybe I was a little over-whelmed at first, but very excited to have out belonging in the same area code!

We are borrowing some appliances from a base by us, and they stopped by the same day! We officially have an American fridge (we are completely spoiled, I realize this), an American stove (which, we are returning soon- we have no use for eyes were bigger than my stomach will ever be..), a European washer and a European dryer. Whew, all of the essentials! The washer and dryer took some finagling from the land-lords, there was a piece of wood preventing them from fitting in just the right way. Our land-lords overheard us talking about buying a freezer, and they brought a freezer for us to use! I have to say, we felt like a MILLION bucks surrounded by wonderfully nice and thoughtful people.

 The furry-love-kids were in heaven, running all over and playing with their new-found unpacked toys…

IMG_0965The next morning- I made my coffee and was sitting enjoying the view out the back window and sipping my warm delicious beverage when I heard this strange noise coming from the laundry room- it was hard to describe. Like running water, but not. Jeff was getting ready for a shower- so I said, that’s probably what it was. Then… it kept going- so I walked over to the laundry room. Literally- as soon as I stepped in the doorway the washing machine door FLEW OPEN, and water just came POURING oIMG_0969ut of the machine. It kept coming, I couldn’t stop it. I’m yelling at J.: “J.! There’s water, it’s everywhere, bring towels, there’s water EVERYWHERE!!!!!” Maybe he thought I was overreacting, he brought two towels… I think his encounter with the water stepping off the stairs, my face, and the fact that my PJ pants were soaked about 4 inches up gave him the hint. Following a few (maybe more) curse words, we started cleaning..hastily. No mop, no more towels… really not a good way to wake up.

Two hours, a purchased mop, and many thanks to the shower with a drain that is in the laundry room- we had a mainly dry laundry room. So far we haven’t had a repeat!

As of lately, it’s just been a LOT of unpacking, re-packing, trash, paper, unpacking. Tonight we took the fur-babies for a walk along the canal. I’ve been so excited to see it and see how far a walk it actually is from our house. Probably about a mile, maybe a little less (the way we took had us going a little out of the way).. but it’s very cool. Lots of bike riders, and it goes on F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Very excited and I know the dogs are too.. Roxie was pretty excited to jump in and get those ducks- no wet dogs today!


p.s. The water incident actually lead us to finding out that our heating unit in the basement is not working heat, no hot water. Crazy past few days!


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