Food, fun, & wine

L’Uno Con L’Altro (The One With The Other) …  a very Italian restaurant that we enjoyed on Thursday evening for dinner. The decor is simply outstanding- the owner travels to Italy, brings back all sorts of artifacts/flea market items and decorates his restaurant with them and/or sells them to the public. I wish I could truly explain how authentic and beautiful the place was, but I can’t.. because I won’t be able to use the right words! We used our broken Dutch and little Spanish to get through the meal… the bottle of wine helped too. Jeffrey got salmon pasta and I got shrimp pasta- both of which came in fish shaped bowls! haha.. right, funny!?!! (I laughed)

Friday was exciting! We stopped by the house- to get some measurements and see how far along they are, it is getting so  close! We are counting down the days until we can enjoy our new home- actually, I really am.(Don’t judge.) As of today we have exactly 3 days until we pick up the keys, and 4 days until our “household-goods” arrive and we unpack..

J. and I have toyed with the idea of visitng the movie theatre, numerous times over we’ve wanted to try it out. We weren’t sure what to expect but it was a super experience!So imagine the movie theater you go to- then change it, A LOT! Seriously folks! Let me tell you why:

1. There are no ticket sales “people”, just ticket sales MACHINES. You insert your card, PICK the OPEN seating available (yes, there are assigned seating) and pay via the machine. Everything is done via a MACHINE.

2. You still greet your movie theater ticket stub tear-er attendants.

3. Now we’re talking… there is a popcorn bar & a candy bar with slurpee machines, grocery-store-sized chip bags, a cooler with different drinks….

The yum stuff…

I kid you not! The popcorn bar has sweet popcorn and salt popcorn; sort of like kettle corn (sweet) and putting too much of that powdered salt tasty stuff on-top of your popcorn (salty). Obviously the sizes range from small to super-duper, but no refills folks. Still hanging on to your seats? Good- this one is a doozy- the candy bar is no joke. A double sided- 5 foot high candy galore-a-thon…. you get a bag- you fill the bag. I can’t tell you what kind of candy there is, honestly,  because I have no idea what any of the labels said. I started putting cool looking candies in my bag and that’s all I can tell you.


4. The movie screen is HUGE– seriously ginormo. Which makes the sub-titles sort of disappear (we were worried we’d be too focused on the Dutch and French subtitles to enjoy the movie).

5. They have an intermission, for every single movie. A 10 minute intermission. Yep! Seriously, it’s like the movie-people knew that I use the bathroom 8 times during a movie at the theater.

6. Lastly, and please hold on to your hats, you PAY 0.35 euro to use the toilet. Please re-read that short sentence. Serious business here folks.

Did you get through all of that ok? Do you want to visit this movie theater?!

J. and I had been waiting in excited anticipation for Saturday… the Spangdahlem Summer Bazaar (it’s a base that about 2 hours from where we are, a little slice of America in Germany).


Stop laughing, it’s the small things in life that keep us motivated. We had not been to Spangdahlem yet, and the fact that we could visit and get to see a German Bazaar was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! It was a bit cold, about 45’F, and windy- but J. enjoyed his funnel cake with powdered sugar and cinnamon despite the chill and wind. There were some very unique vendors and we are stoked to stock up on X-mas gifts and B-day presents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We ended up leaving with cheese, dessert, a nifty wine holder and some wine, and J. got a pretty sweet sign made.


Today we did MORE shopping- but a little different. To say that it included lots of WINE will make total sense in a moment…We kept seeing signs for “garage verkoop” (garage for sale, literal translation) around town and we couldn’t figure out exactly where this was taking place.. so we decided to do some Peer flea market shopping first and then we would see about finding these “garage for sale’s”.

We had a breakfast bakery fun before the garage verkoop stops- Bakkerij Truyens-Hamm always looked closed when we would drive/walk by and this particular morning it was OPEN, so we went inside, after we tried to pry open a side door that we thought was the front door (which were automatic doors)- totally besides the point. We’re inside, smelling lovely aromas and they are sort of picked over but I’m ready to eat something delicious. I got a Frikandel Broodje (frikan roll) & J. got Videe (which is sort of like a meat pie, but without the meat, only the shell….yep..). A fun experience, that we probably won’t do again. Moving on….. we experienced our first house with a garage verkoop- and it got us sort of hooked! If we had more time- we probably would’ve driven around Peer all day!

photo 1 (7)
I grabbed a few “old” alarm clocks, I just loved how BRIGHT they were.

Finally- we are concluding our week- with a tremendously awesome event that will surely begin a new tradition: Lenteproeverij (spring tasting)– of WINE!! 79 different wines and champagnes. Yay!!!!! We had a lot of fun… every volunteer spoke a “little” English and they were knowledgeable about the wines, which made trying close to 70 different wines that much more fun! J. and I sampled a little bit of everything- even though our tastes in wine differ so much- we managed to find 7 that we had to leave with. Tough decisions but we ended up with 17 bottles of wine and we weren’t sure that was enough!! There is also a fall tasting, that we are so on board with- wow! Our loot from today:


Alrighty- this is me, signing out for the day- I’m tired and I think a glass of wine is calling my name.



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