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Saturday morning was a blast!!!! Drielandenpunt is the highest point in the Netherlands- with a labyrinth, numerous cafes, biking and hiking trails, lots of kids play areas and the point at which Belgium, Germany, and Netherlands meet! Awesome-sauce!

…alright- we had to start the labyrinth over twice in order to finish it, there it is- the truth. I don’t feel bad, not at all. Want to know why? Good- because they are sneaky as hell. YEP! We went through three water “hazards” (yes, I said that correctly) in order to complete the labyrinth. Want to know the ridiculously-ridiculous part? Jeffrey and I gritted our teeth through EACH water hazard, only for said water hazard to turn off seconds after we ran through it…. I seriously can’t even make it up. Jeffrey was laughing and saying how it was “just-our-luck”, I’m swearing and ubber pissed that I just risked my nice cameras’ working capabilities for this god-forsaken maze to end! Then I felt better when we were on the right track again… I’m a little testy, sometimes.

There where little signs were all over the maze- and I brought the DUTCH translation book, not German. I figured it wasn’t actually clues, but I was still frustrated when we kept seeing the SAME one… which meant we kept going back to the same place. At least there were signs- it all sort of looked the same foliage wise, so it could have been worse…

We reached the CENTER of the labyrinth! I have no idea what this sign says- I haven’t translated it yet.. probably.. congrats on getting this far, have fun with the water hazards ahead, there will be many. Enjoy your trek. Smile. Good day. By the way- if it took you 45 minutes to get this far, imagine how much longer it will take to get to the end. (Just kidding- I don’t think it said that last part..)

Don’t you love my husband’s uncanny ability to ma

He’s sort of a ham, but he’s darn cute.

ke any situation funny? Definitely a perk to being married to this man… he also lead the way through the labyrinth (pretty sure I’d still be stuck in there, right now, had it not been for him), and we arrived at the middle in 40 minutes and actually finished it shortly there-after! We rewarded ourselves with ice-cream and people watching.



J. is in 3 countries at once! Pretty awesome!



Here’s the website- just incase you wanted to check it out.



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