Years Passed

Busy, fun, & in love

Why hello there! Here’s the spiel- in a nutshell… some are short and sweet- but most of them are long and have too many pictures, FYI.

J. driving close to the steering wheel- since we packed the back of the rental with IKEA finds.

IKEA finagled a lot of our money last Saturday, but we left with some steals. We actually got a single rather large item, too large for us to sit properly in the rental vehicle, that was a stick. J. posed a bit but it was still a tight squeeze.


Apparently there’s a flea market in Peer every Sunday morning and it is significantly bigger than I thought. Actually it’s really cool. We managed to find some fun stuff, though I think my bargaining skills were hindered by my fear of the Dutch/Flemish language.

I’ve become a regular at the Peer market- a bit of a “know-it-all” of sorts. At least I feel like I am. I don’t think the vendors feel the same. Just look at how magnificently red these strawberries are. No really, look at them.

I think the young lady checking me out at the local ALVO on Tuesday might of thought I was a little kooky. I don’t care. We had delicious Belgian chocolate care packages to send to all our American family & friends!

Delicious Belgian CHOCOLATES!


Riggs & Roxie are officially ready for EUROPEAN TRAVEL. Well, any travel really. Their new veterinarian is wonderful and so helpful in every way.

On Thursday we went to “Sweet Baby Jesus” a rib joint. The actual name is not what I just said, their ribs are ridiculously delicious. We enjoyed getting to know some more KB families. It was a fun experience- the rustic basement feel of the restaurant, the antique chairs (really, they looked straight out of Grandma’s basement collection), and the buzz of well feed people.

J. looks so stylish and European!


My very FIRST cupcake batch since moving to Belgium. Raspberry and blueberry vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, they were pretty good, considering I omitted and changed a few things. I’d like to add that the blueberries were about a 1/4 cups worth and were approximately 4.50 euros. Truth. Shame on me for off-season purchasing. I had a hankering.

I was so excited to do something that soothes me and that I thoroughly enjoy- BAKING.


French burgers come with an egg on top, did you know that? Neither of us did…


The RAV4 arrived in Chievres today (where the American goods/cars are shipped into from the states), which is about 2.5 hours drive from Peer. It is in pristine condition, still smells like a new car, and we are very happy to have our “wheels” again. Our day in a nut shell: we had breakfast in Belgium, lunch in France, and a long drive home.



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