Years Passed

A few observations

The amount of “farm” (at least that’s what I would consider them) animals in the area is a bit astounding. In a good way, it’s very refreshing.

Musically, I am literally in LOVE. Apparently Belgium is stuck in the 80’s, yes, it’s true. I can’t get over how awesome it is! (Their fashion does not depict this love for the 80’s… just so you know.)

Definitely trying to get used to the European appliances. I am spoiled, I can admit that. (Far left side: the fridge-only the middle section, Far right side: the oven.)

 The people here are generally very pleasant! We’ve had no problems speaking English or attempting Dutch and getting “help” along the way. For the most part, I think they can tell we are American and just start speaking English, even if we attempt our Dutch words.
The truck drivers here, at least what I would consider a truck driver, have some seriously embellished truck windows. I’m not talking just a sticker or 2, I mean these guys have Christmas type lights-dashboard covers that are wild and crazy colors-dangley things from every corner-name plates-fancy window borders. They are decked out!
This might be TMI- but the toilet seats are ALWAYS freezing. Actually, it’s so true I might cry. It’s difficult to deal with.
These beauties are everywhere- and you know it as soon as you sniff the air… pretty funny, huh?

Say hello to mini-pony.. this here is Riggs’ buddy. They haven’t actually “met”, but mini-buddy runs right up to the fence when Riggs trots by and it’s quite adorable. Riggs does some barking, a little tail wagging- but I’m a bit afraid of what he might do following those moves… so they will remain close but distant friends.

J.’s story of the day: he was driving home from work and saw a Shetland pony in a field with other horses, apparently said Shetland pony was so excited about his life and his friends that he was PRANCING(now, if I don’t use that word it won’t describe the moment correctly, according to J.) around, in a circle (this part is particularly important) with hair flying, tail swirling, head cocked, and generally HILARIOUS! Every-single-time we see a pony now, J. replays the moment to anyone-everyone-me in the car.

The front doors here are pretty awesome. I mean that- every front door that I’ve seen here is completelly different than the next door. Sounds silly, right? Well, then slap-my-knee-and-call-me-silly-Sam, I am in love. J. and I have been talking about how we can’t wait to do something similar on our FOREVER home.. very exciting stuff folks. (It’s the small things in life ya’ll.. give us a break!)

That being said.. the locks for inside doors are very old-school.. we’re talking skeleton key style. Every door has a special key, and you better hope you know where that key is.. if it’s not already in the door. Haha, adventures!!!!!!

I feel like I’ve become a bit of a tea snob.. not in the manner that I can only drink a “certain” kind of tea, but in the sense that I am drinking tea A LOT! A LOT, A LOT! It’s not because there was never tea in SC or MI, but for some reason I’m enjoying it so much more. It’s soothing, it’s yummy, I’m loving it with honey, I love me some TEA! I’ve been trying different kinds, and I’m looking forward to trying more different types and the local favs.

Look at this massive transformer… no it’s actually called a transformer. Not the cool car that turns into a crime-fighting-machine but rather a transformer that I have to plug my Keurig into every morning to get some java. This clunker probably weighs about 10 pounds, and is going to look marvelous on our counter-tops at the house.

There are ice-cream shops all over the place here and it’s wonderful! The flavors are different and yummy-deliciousness-in-your-tummy.

(This is classic Vanilla-which is AWESOME & Praline)



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