Years Passed

House Hunters- BE style

Our “unaccompanied” goods arrived yesterday- everything is in WONDERFUL shape, and what a relief. Though this shipment was a very small one in comparison to our home goods shipment… we are staying positive and looking forward to the arrival of those items. Kind of wishing we could track where they are, but that’s the spoiled little lady in me. Anyway, we were so excited to get our bowling balls that we’ve hatched a plan to make a bowling outing soon! I feel like we might be slightly ridiculous?! Maybe… oh well!

It’s been information overload since we stepped off the plane, I mean that in the best way possible, honestly. Today- was no different. More information regarding finances, which always means lots of information and it is important stuff!

We looked at four houses today, and we’ve made a decision!


House 1 aka “Share Condo”

We enjoyed this “condo”; large windows, decent yard but we would still have to leash the dogs to get them to the fenced portion of the yard, 4 stories (including the basement), a great semi-open kitchen (with the kind of cabinets J. and I LOVE, from IKEA) and four rooms with 1 bath and 2 washrooms. Awesome upstairs room (the “master bedroom”, we believe)! We decided that sharing a wall (again) was not something we were too interested in. So this is not our next home…


                                                                                      House 2 aka “Quaint Cottage”

This home was EXACTLY what we thought of when we thought of a Belgian home.. Very quiet, cute, and comfortable. It was built in the 1940s, and it shows, but with great character. The main-floor ceilings were logs and bricks (just BEAUTIFUL), a great wood burning fireplace, and a good kitchen. The rooms were smaller than we thought, and all four of the rooms had some pretty interesting paint choices- and that’s being kind. We were torn a bit, the feel of the home was so great, but the down falls outweighed the positive (the basement was good size but had 5 different colors on the walls- I kid you not here folks- and paint here is obscenely expensive..).

                                                                House 3 aka “Super Fenced”

Wallace- a very handsome and well mannered Bernese mountain dog greeted us at this place! Wallace was awesome, I tried to see if the owner would let him come with the house, he refused. The house was pretty sweet too, we loved the HUGE fenced yard- which essentially was around the entire property, the modern updates, and the general modern feel of the entire home. There were 3 bedrooms and 1 bath, a cellar, and some serious food/pantry storage. We loved the way it was laid out and the owner’s personality- but it was a little too cozy. If we didn’t have two larger dogs and the both of us, this house would have been a better contender.


House 4 aka “Solar Panel Home”

Oh.. the words for this- I wish I had the right ones. THIS IS OUR BELGIAN HOME! Ya’ll, this is it! Thank goodness for great timing!!! I’m still in awe of this house. It is being perfected (still in construction) right now, we’ll move in 1May. It has a humongous yard (which they are graciously fencing specifically for us), it’s cost effective with the solar panels, it is a 4 bedroom/2 full bath/2 wash rooms… there’s just so much space. We actually considered NOT getting it, due to having to fill the space…sounds silly, but it’s true.We will certainly post more pictures as it comes along – hoping all goes well with the landlords and paperwork. Fingers crossed folks!


Today, a wonderful grandfather, man, and husband passed away. Hoping Heaven’s dance floor has enough room and dance partners for Mr. Earl Winter… may  his dancing shoes never leave the floor. We are missing you so dearly, but know that our gift was the time we spent with you.

Loving you always.



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