Years Passed

Friends & Markets

Yesterday we made a trip to Schinnen Army Base, which is located in the Netherlands- about 45 minutes from us in Peer. We wanted to do some shopping at the commissary (our first since arriving in Belgium) and look for a European GPS (oh yes, we are going to need it, since ya’ll know my directional abilities are ZILCH). A rather quick drive, and I have to tell you- there is a town another 3 miles from Schinnen that’s called: “Winterslag”– I’m hoping we can visit, just to say that we did. Needless to say, we were able to get some “AMERICAN” groceries and we found a GPS…. I ALSO FOUND their B&BW selection, their Yankee Candle selection, AND they have a decent clothing section for a BX.


Today- Jeffrey enjoyed some extra sleep while I met up with a NEW friend and her son to walk the Peer Market. What a fun experience! They have great fresh fruits and veggies (huge variation), fresh flowers (of all kinds), fresh cheese, fresh meat (seafood too)… and the amount of clothing/accessories will boggle your mind. I guess when I thought market, I imagined smaller maybe or with less “booths”- NOPE, lots of them just packed together and it’s wonderful!!! I’m so excited to go again, experience it again, and eat the wonderful food again!

I bought some cards, as right now I’m obsessed with find fun Dutch cards with cool sayings… the ones I picked today (10 cards total) all are “congratulatory” cards, I kid you not. What are the chances. I had to laugh, it would figure!



More adventures to come, Roxie is very adamantly laying her head on my hand and pawing at the keyboard, must go!




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