Years Passed

Belgian Escapades (Day 2)

…the 4 (yes, FOUR) of us have arrived in Belgium. We are all in one piece, seemingly healthy, happy, and generally excited to get on with our new adventures!

(Riggs & Roxie, right after the plane ride- marking their very first Belgian territory! They did so well, and we’re so glad that this “crazy” is over for a while.)

Jeffrey & I celebrated our stateside departure and our anniversary with a nice drink at O’Hare Airport: he had beer, I had wine.  We had such a short time to really enjoy them, but we did toast to Belgium and love.

Despite a lost luggage set back, we trucked right through the first day like we knew what we were doing. Our sponsor here, took us around the local cities by

Kleine Brogel Base- Opitter, Bree, Peer, Limburg, Bocholt, and Kaulille. We are currently staying in an “apartment” in Peer- about 10 minutes from base. The area is much more country than it is city- which is nice. It’s peaceful, green, and shops are close by. We ate a delicious dinner yesterday at Hotel De Boaskar 1773- took the furry loves for a nice walk (where they met a nice Shetland pony and a beautiful horse- typical pets here in Belgium)– and promptly fell asleep at 6:30pm!!! The beer (Duvel) from Hotel De Boaskar 1773 was DELICIOUS, a little thick- but with great flavor!

We toured the base today, and met some wonderful people! We will look for homes in the surrounding areas on Wednesday next week and we are looking forward to some great opportunities! The infamous “lost-luggage”, which stayed in Madrid, arrived today… a huge relief for us. It prompted us to venture out on our own this evening, for dinner and a nice walk. We dined at Huzur- Pizzeria and Kababs…we were nervous, since we had no one to translate the menu- but we were able to wing it and we ate very well! Jeffrey had roasted lamb (yumo), and I stayed safe with cheese pizza. Next time, I’m going with the lamb! We walked around Peer Centre- and were able to get a few items, I’m very excited… some crochet needles and yarn, some jewelry making supplies, and a book store where we purchased a translation book. I have a feeling- we will be using it a lot!!!

We will certainly keep everyone updated- we love & miss all of you!

Tot de volgende keer,



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