Years Passed

Sunday FUNday

It’s happened- the two love-birds who claimed they would never do the whole “wedding thing” got hitched! This is real life!!! Beth & Rory had a beautiful, heartfelt, fun, and just all around SOOOO Beth & Rory style wedding day! There wasn’t a moment we didn’t love about this fabulous day, truly an awesome time celebrating with loving family.

I’d like to add a side note here- so everyone knows: the “wager” that took place between Beth & Jeffrey regarding weddings and babies- that is NOT in play folks, just saying.

I feel like this is Beth in a nutshell- a truly genuinely happy and vibrant woman. She’s not just a fashion inspiration in every way, but she’s one of the coolest people I know.

This little lady will brighten any day, her delightful laugh and silly personality.

Sisters who drink together, stay together- right? We’re locked for life ladies!

DSCF3649.JPGI wish I had a better picture to adequately capture the elegance that was Beth, the dashing that was Rory and the fabulousness that was this wedding! Tears from all while vows were said, I remember more of what these two said to one another than I remember what I said to my own husband (love you J.!).

Here’s to B&R, forever.



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