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SC Bucket List Ya’ll

…and in NO particular order- here is the “bucket list” J. and I have conjured up! We’re very excited- this idea will “travel” with us through the states/countries we live creating new bucket lists as we go.
Here goes…
1. Spend a day at CaroWinds
2. Visit Myrtle Beach
3. Visit the Charleston aquarium
4. Golf Hilton Head
5. Have an AMAZING wedding ceremony and reception.
6. Attend a Gamecocks football game
7. Run/Walk a marathon with Riggs
8. Go deep sea fishing
9. Try at least 25 NEW recipes
10. Take a weekend/longer camping trip
– The destination is TBA for right now, ideally this is one where we go somewhere we’ve never been before.
11. Visit Charleston
12. Go to Disney World
13. Foster parents for a mammal with 4 legs….
14. Take a military “hop” to somewhere in the U.S.
15. Visit Swan Gardens/Iris Garden-Festival
16. Spend a day exploring…
– This is open-ended
17. Try boiled peanuts
18. Try shrimp and grits
– 17 & 18 are S.C favorites..
19. Volunteer
20. Go to a BINGO night!

As we do these items on our bucket list- we’ll be excited to keep ya’ll posted on the adventure and fun included in doing that item.

Here’s to something new,


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